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Front End Web Developer Interview Questions

"During an interview for a front end web developer position, be prepared to be heavily tested on your technical knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and their available tools, as well as you general programming knowledge. To be an outstanding candidate, a strong portfolio of previous front end work and a bachelor's degree in computer science or equivalent work experience will be expected. "

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What is a JavaScript callback function?

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5 vote down star 4 I understand passing in a function to another function as a callback and having it execute, but I'm not understanding the best implementation to do that. I'm looking for a very basic example, like this: var myCallBackExample = { myFirstFunction : function( param1, param2, callback ) { // Do something with param1 and param2. if ( arguments.length == 3 ) { // Execute callback function. // What is the "best" way to do this? } }, mySecondFunction : function() { myFirstFunction( false, true, function() { // When this anonymous function is called, execute it. }); } }; In myFirstFunction, if I do return new callback(), then it works and executes the anonymous function, but that doesn't seem like the correct approach to me.

I don't think Bloomberg is a very good company. I am an excellent web developer and have gotten multiple offers from other companies with big names, but was rejected by Bloomberg. They are too demanding during the job interview and it becomes a game of how well you can interview as opposed to how talented an employee you are and how much you can contribute to the growth of the company.

A callback function is a piece of JavaScript code that executes after the main function that the callback is attached to executes successfully.

Given a number n where n+1 and n-1 are prime, prove n is divisible by 6

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If we wanted to implement a method of tracking every click that the user made on the site, how would we want to do this?

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Say there was a function that took 1 second to execute and you needed to run this function 10 million times, how would you cut down on the execution time?

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Could you link your CSS and JS file to your HTML document?

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What was the most difficult situation you had with a content management system?

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Json parsing in AngularJS and MySQL design questions.

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Write a function using the provided helper functions to display the weather in the five chosen cities.

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What would your prior employer rate you at on a scale of 1-10

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When you run into a problem that you don't know the answer to, what's your process from there?

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