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Say there was a function that took 1 second to execute and you needed to run this function 10 million times, how would you cut down on the execution time?

1 Answer

Build a system that would run the functions concurrently.

No unexpected questions.

1 Answer

Write a debounce function!

1 Answer

What is the meaning of Life?

1 Answer

They asked me to do free work relevant to the position.

2 Answers

"We are looking to start an Open Badge infrastructure for our new program. Are you familiar with Open Badges".

1 Answer

Why do you want to work here?

1 Answer

do you also know how to do print ad layout?

1 Answer

I think the most difficult part of the interview was trying to understand the organization's structure and where the work group I would be working with fit in. There were a lot of acronyms I had to ask for clarification about, even the mission of the work groups was not entirely clear.

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