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How do would you handle a totally demoralized team and bring them back?

3 Answers

It all depends on the individuals and why they are demoralized.

Give them team tasks that are acheivable and review the performance.

Meet with them as a group, and work towards a "reset"; a break from tomorrow being exactly the same as yesterday. Schedule meetings with each team member individually. Ask their concerns. Learn, individually, why they're demoralized. Give them a path forward that avoids or mitigates some of the negatives. Be absolutely realistic; don't stretch the truth or lie, but give them an honest path to where they'd rather be. In parallel, likely ramp up hiring, as you're not often getting through that with the entire team intact.

Do you have any questions for me? I always find this question difficult.

1 Answer

I think the best way to answer this is it depends on what you bring to the party and where your talent is focused. For me, it was a security problem.

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Where and how have you made money for your previous employers?

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"What is your strategy for working with an internal IT unit that operates with different goals, budgets, and needs from your team's project?"

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How would you respond to a crisis situation?

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What's my background on web technologies

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No questions just a screen

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I wasn't surprised by the questions, they all revolved around the CMS and how comfortable I was working in an Agile environment. I was more surprised that the entire group was involved in the initial interview.

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Tell me about your last salary. Tell me about your previous experience. Are you flexible with what your asking for your salary?

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