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  • As Kendall Washington’s familiarity with AT&T grew, so too did his opportunities. Find out how he pursued his dream working in tech through the help of The NETwork - AT&T’s African American Employee Resource Group.

    The Road to Cybersecurity - Kendall Washington | AT&T Careers - AT&T Careers

    Kendall Washington knew he could take his career further with technology. Find out how The NETWORK - AT&T's African American Employee Resource Group - sparked his growth.

  • These kids met as strangers and left as collaborators - working together to tell the stories of Westside Atlanta as they lived it. See how commitment and determination helped these young filmmakers achieve their dreams.

    AT&T Launches Believe Atlanta Initiative

    The 15,000 men and women of AT&T in Atlanta are working to cultivate a future of opportunity and promise in their city.

  • Years of hard work paid off when Allison Whittaker earned the Black Engineer of the Year award. See how a little motherly wisdom drove her innovation and how she's preparing the next generation of inventors.

    Allison Whittaker: A mother's enduring legacy

    Allison Whittaker won a "Black Engineer of the Year" award in 2015. She remembers accepting the award and feeling a long way from her island home of Barbados, but she also recalls how much that award meant to her.

  • Our teams’ long history of mentorship leaves us a lot to be thankful for on Thank Your Mentor Day. We intend to keep the trend going, see how we’re helping students connect with leaders to help plan out their future.

    AT&T Employees Help Students Everywhere with

    Discover how AT&T is making a difference by mentoring students through

  • The holidays are behind us, but nights remain long and chilly. See how we help Redaptive conserve power when heating and lighting building through our IoT network.

    Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Made Easy with AT&T and Redaptive

    Redaptive and AT&T have teamed up to make it easier for companies to install energy efficiency building technologies and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

  • Women in tech isn’t just about programmers and engineers. See how these women technicians started their careers in a male-dominated field and make watching tv, calling our families, and browsing the internet possible.

    The Women Technicians of AT&T - AT&T Careers

    We spoke with the women technicians on the field who make our networks possible. See what it's like to join the AT&T Technician team - no matter your gender.

  • Kelly took advantage of learning to program at a time when having access to a computer was rare in China. Now 25 years later, she shares her STEM experience, and advice for women looking to break into the field.

    What to Know As a Woman In the Tech Industry

    There's an issue in the tech industry, and it's one we've known about for quite some time. While many tech companies are trying to increase their female workforce, a majority of them still have a shockingly low number of women among their ranks.

  • Heather is the director of one of our software architecture teams, and she’s never met a stranger. See how she turned love for her community into action when her hometown suddenly hung by a thread.

    Heather Robinett: There's community service, and then there's Heather

    When her city faced a crisis, Heather Robinett jumped into service. Find out how this mother of 5 helped a suffering community heal. That community: Ferguson, Missouri.

  • There’s nothing wrong with a lecture, but sometimes seeing (and doing) is believing. See how students learned the strengths of sustainability through our work with UT Knoxville.

    Students From UT Knoxville Create Sustainability Plans

    AT&T is committed to education and sustainability, which is why John Schulz, AT&T Director of Sustainability Integration, helped create experienced learning for students as they created and delivered sustainable business plans.

  • Imagine a world where you can take a phone call on your watch... Wait, you already can! We once dared people to imagine a world of possible technology. 25 years later, their predictions are our reality - so we’re doing it again.

    Predicting the Future of Tech | AT&T You Will

    Nearly 25 year ago, the You Will campaign made bold predictions about future scientific, technological, social and medical advances, with just about all of those predictions became reality in some form.

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