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  • Education drives innovation, that's why we're rolling out 5G and Edge Computing technology to help colleges unlock new scholarly pursuits. The first campus? The University of Miami.

    AT&T Brings 5G and Edge Computing to University of Miami Campus

    The University of Miami will be the first college campus in the United States to adopt AT&T's 5G+ and Multi-access Edge Compute technology, powering its Magicverse to unlock new scholarly pursuits AT&T names Miami as one of 29 Cities to receive 5G+ this year The University of Miami and AT&T* are rolling out a 5G and Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) environment on the Coral Gables campus to help support innovative teaching and research methods.

  • When you champion a cause, others follow. Find out how our annual Leadership Development Program Volunteer Day got started when Josh Castellanos raised his hand to lead the charge.

    AT&T Employee Starts Volunteering Tradition

    Josh Castellanos knew a few things when thinking about his career opportunities: He loved technology, media and entertainment. He wanted exposure to different parts of those industries and their businesses. He had an MBA, and he wasn't sure what he wanted to do. AT&T's Leadership Development Program (LDP) turned out to be the perfect fit.

  • Our employees’ work both in the office and in their communities helped make AT&T one of America’s Most JUST Companies for the fourth year in a row. Learn how here:

    AT&T Named One of America's Most JUST Companies

    For the fourth year in a row, AT&T has earned a place among America's Most JUST Companies, according to the JUST 100 rankings from JUST Capital and Forbes. The company ranked 23 on the overall list. The JUST 100 list is based on one of the most comprehensive surveys conducted on public attitudes toward corporate behavior.

  • We’re proud to announce we’ve reached our goal to hire 20,000 U.S. veterans and veteran family members by 2020! Hear what some of our veteran employees have to say about their career transition and what’s ahead.

    Helping veterans find jobs after the military

    In 2015, we were proud to achieve our goal of hiring 10,000 veterans as part of our 2013 commitment with the Veteran Jobs Mission. Soon after, we took on a larger commitment to hire 20,000 veterans and veteran family members by 2020.

  • The AT&T Veterans Media Fellowship will help veterans transition into meaningful, impactful careers in the media and entertainment industry. Learn more:

    AT&T Launches Veteran Media Fellowship in Los Angeles

    For over a century, AT&T has remained dedicated to supporting military personnel, veterans and their families. Of this support, we are most proud of our work to hire veterans and their family members, alongside our support of programs that provide training and skills-building to put veterans on a path to career success.

  • We all want to be judged by our skills and achievements in the workplace, but for that to be possible, we must continue pushing accessibility efforts forward. Hear from our own Chief Diversity Officer Corey Anthony on the steps we’re taking to make that future a reality.

    National Disability Employment Awareness Month

    Corey Anthony I recently saw a TV news feature on Jason Benetti, the radio broadcaster for the Chicago White Sox. The team hired him in 2016 after he had spent a few years working his way up in the minor leagues.

  • Last month, 20 talented software development teams put their innovation skills to the test at our AT&T Business Hackathon with Magic Leap. See how they pushed technology to its limits with 5G and spatial computing.

    Transforming Businesses with 5G and Magic Leap's Spatial Computing

    I'm a solid believer that the future will be "Phygital" - where we seamlessly combine the physical and digital worlds. The phygital experience gained popularity on social media platforms - like being able to superimpose an animal nose and ears on your head.

  • Not all disabilities are visible. For World Mental Health Day, find out how leaders like our VP of Communications James Lynch are encouraging fellow employees to self-identify and make it easier to bring their true selves to work.

    AT&T's iCount Sheds Light on Disabilities | AT&T Accessibility

    Not all disabilities are visible. World Mental Health Day, observed Oct. 10, provides an opportunity to help quash the social stigma that keeps mental health out of plain sight. James Lynch, Vice President of Communications for AT&T, has spoken about the importance of talking openly about mental health issues.

  • Blind since age 17, Susan Mazrui has a pretty good idea of what’s possible (Hint: Basically everything). This Blind Awareness Month, hear from our director of global public policy on the next steps we can take on accessibility, what the future holds, and scooters.

    Cultivating Inclusion During Blind Awareness Month | AT&T Accessibility

    Blindness is not as scary as the movies or TV would have you believe, according to Susan Mazrui, director of global public policy for AT&T. "You just have to do things differently. I wouldn't want to minimize the challenge, but blind people are capable of anything except driving - that is until self-driving cars become available," she joked.

  • This National Disability Employment Awareness Month we celebrate the contributions of people with disabilities, and our Ability Employee Resource Group lives the mission year-round. Hear from board members Kelly and Gina on why they joined.

    Ability - Advance, Advocate, Educate

    During an AT&T town hall, Erich Manser took the stage wearing a pair of AIRA glasses. Based off his reported level of vision, Kelly Burton realized Erich had the same level of visual impairment as her husband. "Work-life and home-life finally melded together," she said.

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