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  • What is a hassle map? There are a number of uses for hassle maps, but they really shine when it comes to making the case for process improvement quickly. Learn about hassle mapping and how it could benefit your organization in our whitepaper, "Hassle Maps: Improving performance by bringing the customer experience to life"

    Process Improvement Whitepapers | Loft9 Consulting

    Read Loft9 Insights on Process Improvement. Loft9 is a management consulting and business services firm operating in Seattle, WA and Denver, CO.

  • How do you approach a business problem that you don't know how to solve? The solution may not always be where you think it is. Business Analysis provides a set of tools and approaches for clearly defining the problem and matching a solution. Learn the essential questions you need to ask in our whitepaper, "Solving a Business Challenge Through Business Analysis."

  • Learn how a Loft9 Consultant put her Change Management training directly (and immediately) to use for her client.

    Associate Experience: Putting Education to Use for Clients

    Earlier this year, a Loft9 Consultant decided to pursue Acuity's Certification for Change Management Professional. While she had experience working in excellent change management teams during organizational transformations and system changes, she did not have any formal training in change management. So she took action.

  • Loft9’s Process Improvement Community of Practice put their 2018 learnings to work for a Seattle-area startup logistics company. Read our case study about how this group created a new process within the firm to put learnings into action, help a client, and result in wins all around.

  • A good hassle map paints a clear picture of the customer experience and provides a roadmap to improve that experience over time. The hassle map creation process can be broken down into five steps – learn more in our whitepaper, “Hassle Maps: Improving performance by bringing the customer experience to life.”

  • Using agile for non-IT areas in organizations is a method industry leaders have adopted – and embraced! Learn more about this expansion and 6 key items for transformational organizational change.

    Expanding Agile to All Organizational Areas

    The majority of our clients are asking about agile transformations not only in IT, but beyond! We've helped national and international clients leverage agile methods in marketing, HR, and product development to name a few areas. Other industry leaders are recognizing this nimble approach in areas outside of IT and finding success, however non- IT-focused organizations have little to no experience with agile methods.

  • Many transformation initiatives begin with one specific goal – a problem deemed worth solving. Keeping up with technology trends and inserting a one-size-fits-all solution is not an effective transformation approach. Learn how Loft9 tackles transformation.

    What is an Effective Transformation Approach

    "Executives increasingly use the term 'transformation' as shorthand for 'digital transformation.' But the ongoing digital revolution does not itself constitute a transformation-it is a means to an end, and you must define what that end should be," says the article, "What Everyone Gets Wrong About Change Management" in the November-December 2017 issue of Harvard Business Review.

  • How do businesses ensure long-term growth and sustainability in today’s market? Include IT as a strategic partner. Loft9 can help you get from here to there–contact us to learn more.

  • Loft9 hosted current and past Denver clients for an afternoon Colorado Rockies game in September. We wanted to show appreciation to our clients by bringing great people together for a summer afternoon out of the office!

  • It’s not your imagination, businesses are demanding more of IT by the day. Organizations and teams must deliver comprehensive strategic IT solutions that show results. Otherwise businesses will seek support elsewhere. Need help getting started with DevOps? Send us a note to We’d love to share how we’ve helped our clients connect dots and become more effective.

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