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  • Gov2Go, the nation's first personal assistant for government, received American Council for Technology - Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC) 's 2018 Dynamite Award in the "Impacter" category!

    The "Impacter" award is presented to the innovation with the greatest magnitude of results and benefits. Gov2Go was selected from 40 innovations showcased ACT-IAC's Igniting Innovation Showcase. Read more:

    NIC's Gov2Go Platform Wins 2018 Dynamite Award in 'Impacter' Category at ACT-IAC Igniting Innovation Showcase

    WASHINGTON--( BUSINESS WIRE)-- NIC's Gov2Go, the nation's first personal assistant for government, received the "Impacter" Dynamite Award at the 2018 American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council's (ACT-IAC) Igniting Innovation Conference and Awards on May 11, 2018 in Washington, D.C.

  • Karen Evans, Member of NIC's board of Directors, talks on the importance of the transaction-based model for government. More:

    "The end result for the government is a low-investment, low-risk relationship with a private sector partner that is held accountable for the life of the service and thereby committed to its success."

    Delivering digital government services using transaction contracting models

    Citizen expectations are clear. Leadership is listening. And now agencies must work to deliver on the demand: Make government more customer-focused, more efficient and more effective. Traditionally, Congress appropriates funding to departments and agencies for specific programs, with the agencies and departments using the traditional procurement approach to enter into contracts for those goods and/or services needed to support the program outcomes.

  • CEO Harry Herington reflects on the first decades of government technology and looks ahead to the future of digital government with technology such as chatbots, virtual reality, voice-command systems, and personal assistants for government.

    First Decades of Digital Government Are Only a Taste of What's to Come

    Twenty-five years ago, getting information via a computer meant a trip to a university or a library to sit in front of a small green- or orange-screened device that sluggishly churned out limited amounts of data. It would have been hard back then to imagine where online access to information would lead us.

  • Gov2Go, the nation's first personal assistant for government services, is now available in all 50 states. The innovative platform brings together all of a person's interactions with all levels of government in one convenient place. As part of the initial set of national services, people across the U.S. can receive detailed information for their states about Amber Alerts and election information, and can also purchase digital passes to select National Parks and U.S. Forest Services sites via the NIC YourPassNow solution.

    Gov2Go: Personal assistant for state services launches nationwide

    E-government services firm NIC says its new consumer platform is the answer to government's silo problem. Colin Wood Managing Editor States pursuing a single citizen-centric touchpoint for service delivery may find their solution in a new consumer app announced by NIC on Monday.

  • NIC's Chief Security Officer shares how local Fusion Center engagement can help combat cyber crimes.

    Strengthening cyber defenses through fusion center engagement -- GCN

    INDUSTRY INSIGHT After the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the 9/11 Commission highlighted shortcomings in information sharing as a key factor in the failure to protect the nation from terrorist activity. The Commission's 2004 report prompted the Department of Homeland Security to issue grants that established fusion centers in states and larger metropolitan areas.

  • NIC VP Angela Fultz Nordstrom shares how public-private partnerships can benefit federal digital government:

    Delivering Great Digital Government in the Trump Era

    Citizens are ready for a government that offers them a bigger digital footprint. In a recent study conducted by Governing on behalf of NIC, 76 percent of Americans said they approved of the government's efforts to put more information and services online.

  • This guest column on govt. for the 21st century includes NIC's Gov2Go - creating "one government" in the future:

    Smart technology can get us to the 21st century infrastructure we need

    America has a history of creating infrastructure milestones that have led to significant prosperity and national advantages. Dating back to the advent of the transcontinental railroad and moving forward through the Rural Electrification Act, the Interstate Highway System to the deployment of the ARPANET, these milestones have created competitive advantages that continue to this day.

  • The news keeps spreading about how we are driving government innovation! This time in Inc. magazine:

    Making Government Great Requires Innovation

    Imagine using your Apple watch to explore boat launches and water trails at state parks - (this is happening in Maryland). Or using an innovative technology product like Amazon Echo to quiz you for an upcoming driving test - (currently available in Utah).

  • Appreciate CNN Money sharing how NIC is committed to making government more accessible for everyone, as well as driving government innovation!

    NIC Inc. is a business with one mission: To make the government more tech savvy

    More often, local, state and federal agencies are chided for being the last to adopt innovation that could simplify your life. That's where NIC has stepped in. "In general, government agencies lag everyone else when it comes to adopting technology," said Robert Knapp, chief operating officer at NIC.

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