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San Francisco, CA
201 to 500 employees
Company - Private
Computer Hardware & Software
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PagerDuty is the leading digital operations management platform for organizations. Over 10,000 enterprises and small to mid-size organizations globally trust PagerDuty to improve digital operations, drive revenue, mitigate threats, protect assets, and delight ... Read more

Mission: We believe time is society’s most valuable currency. Our mission is to make every second count by connecting teams to real-time opportunities and elevating work to the outcomes that matter.

Company Updates

  • Exciting day at PagerDuty!

    New Cloud Unicorn: PagerDuty Scores $1.3 Billion Valuation In $90 Million Round

    Behind the scenes at companies like Capital One, PayPal and Netflix, a host of cloud computing tools hum quietly in the background, making sure websites are up, apps are working and users plugging away happily. At those three and at others, one of those key unsung tools is the product of a nine-year-old startup called PagerDuty.

  • Read about Sebastian's co-op term with us on the mobile team!

    PagerDuty Mobile: The Tiny Goliath | PagerDuty

    My name is Sebastian Kolosa, and I'm a co-op student at the University of Waterloo studying Systems Design Engineering. I joined the Mobile team at PagerDuty in January as a software engineering intern, working out of the Toronto office as part of my fourth of six co-op terms. In this post, I'd like to share insights from the uncommon experience of working within a small team to build big products; namely, PagerDuty's iOS and Android applications.

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PagerDuty – Why Work For Us?

PagerDuty is the digital operations platform for action that integrates machine data with human intelligence to improve agility and visibility across organizations. We empower teams to make sense of complex data, respond and engage in real-time, and learn and prevent future issues, so teams can take action on the most pressing problems and spend time on innovation instead of manual, reactive tasks.

Over 10,000 customers across every industry such as financial services, telecommunications, media, retail, healthcare, education, and more rely on PagerDuty as they modernize their operations.

PagerDuty is also committed to social impact.  As a Pledge 1% partner, we commit 1% of our employees time, 1% of our equity, and donate 1% of our product to non profit community organizations.

Come Join Us!

We take our mission seriously, whether it’s building an amazing product or great culture. We inspire our people to solve real customer problems, to be authentic, have fun and create something life changing. It’s pretty simple; we know that inspired people are at the core of helping our customers achieve phenomenal success.

We Invest in Our People

What you can do with your career becomes a shared journey to what we can achieve together.  We have loads of opportunities for training, highly impactful leaders, and an impactful performance management process.  We don't just talk about how you're doing once a year.  Our people set quarterly goals with their manager and then have check-ins monthly against those goals to make sure they’re growing professionally and doing meaningful work aligned to our key business objectives.

We are part of "Pledge 1%" which means we donate 1% of equity, 1% of product and 1% of all employee time to charitable or philanthropic causes. Additionally, investing in diversity and inclusion is one of our most important missions at PagerDuty as we build the next generation of leaders. We partner with several organizations dedicated to that cause including Girls in Tech, Code2040, Hackbright Academy, and the Hispanic IT Executive Council.

We Take Care of Our People

We're not just talking about free lunch and cool benefits (though we have those too).  We know that to work at your best, you need to have an environment that encourages collaboration and is friendly, fun and inclusive.   

A Product to be Proud of

PagerDuty is investing in cutting-edge technologies like machine learning, automation, analytics, and more to help our customers solve their most critical challenges. We reinforce our offerings with an enterprise-grade platform with high reliability, availability, and strong security and control capabilities. We focus on innovation and on delivering the best solutions to support every operational use case. We’re proud of our product and think you will be too!

For Engineers Who Solve Hard Problems

As software eats the world, we empower engineers to own their own destiny, and organizations to deliver better digital experiences. Get your adrenaline going as you work on a range of technical tasks as part of a scrum team in an agile environment. We want people who are passionate about building innovative and disruptive products that customers love, and which deliver business results. We empower our people to mentor others, to build strong teams and accelerate professional growth. Join us in our quest to build the modern Digital Operations Management platform.

Company Wide Hack Days!

Once a month at PagerDuty we have a company wide hack day! Hack day isn’t just for our engineers, but for anyone who would like to make PagerDuty better for our customers. Ideas are presented to the entire company and we vote on our favorite ones. Hack day ideas that win become part of the product--our people directly impact the experience of our customers.

Interning at PagerDuty

I had the privilege of doing a software engineering internship at the PagerDuty office in San Francisco, and it was incredible experience. I got to work alongside talented engineers on a team where my work was valued—and often resulted in a deployment to the live product.  During my internship, I was able to improve my personal development in addition to my job responsibilities. I had the opportunity to join a data science interest group, give a lightning talk, and help facilitate a Breakathon. However, what really stood out to me was the culture. I’ve completed five internships at other companies, and I don't think I have experienced anything quite like what PagerDuty has. The easy camaraderie and strong empathy among my teammates were like nowhere else, and I looked forward to coming to work everyday, even on a Monday morning. I'll forever be thankful to have had such an experience and met so many people I admire. It’s an experience I can't recommend enough.

Interview FAQ Guide

“ At PagerDuty, we are proud of our interview process, which is designed for mutual discovery. We focus on understanding your skills, experiences, and how you work best. For you, it’s the chance to learn more about the role and our mission, meet people who would be your teammates and collaborators, and hopefully find out a little bit about the culture that we Dutonians think is pretty special."

- Andrea Constantinides, Director of Inclusion and Belonging, Recruiting Innovation and Operations

If you’re thinking about interviewing at PagerDuty or are currently in the process, lucky you! You are in the right place. Here, you will find all the detailed information that will help you navigate the interview process and, at the same time, hopefully answer all of your crucial questions.

We understand that interviews can be stressful so we developed a process that truly allows us to get to know you and your past experiences so we can better assess whether you and PagerDuty are a good match.

PagerDuty is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities in our job application process. Should you require accommodation, please email and we will work with you to meet your accessibility needs.



After an initial chat with your recruiter, a call will be set up with the hiring manager. If all goes well, you will then proceed to an onsite interview at our San Francisco or Toronto office.

The onsite process includes, on average, four or five interviews that last for around 30-45 minutes each. During your interview, you will meet with your recruiter. This is your opportunity to ask any and all questions about PagerDuty and/or the interview process itself. During this time, your recruiter will also delve further into the company’s vision and values.

If you have a midday interview, a delicious lunch will also be provided. Please read on for some interview tips and to prepare for the specific team you will be interviewing with.

Product: Prior to interviewing, it is recommended that you start a free trial of PagerDuty to familiarize yourself with our product. After an initial chat with your recruiter, a call will be set up with the hiring manager for this role. If the hiring manager decides to move forward with your application, you would then proceed to an onsite interview. The majority of our interviewers are in San Francisco, but we also have a few in Toronto. If you are applying for a director-level role, you will also be meeting with the Vice President of Product.

UX Design: Come prepared to share your design portfolio with us. We want to see design work from various phases of a completed project, not just finished work, as we are interested in seeing how you got to the finished state. Plan to show at least 3 projects during the hour.

Customer Success: After an initial chat with your recruiter, a call will be set up with the hiring manager. After your call with the hiring manager, a writing assignment will be given to you, which will need to be completed and sent back to us within 48 hours. We will share the details of the writing assignment with you via email. If your completed assignment matches what we are looking for, we will contact you to schedule an onsite interview.

A loaner laptop will be provided for you on the onsite day as you will be expected to prepare a demo to present to the team. Please ensure you become familiar with the core concepts of PagerDuty; we will expect you to be able to manually trigger an incident and receive a phone call.

Customer Support: After an initial chat with your recruiter, a call will be set up with the hiring manager. If the hiring manager decides to move forward, we will contact you to schedule an onsite interview. A loaner laptop will be provided for you the day of the onsite.

Prior to your onsite interview, you are expected to create an account so you can access our Knowledge Base and become more familiar with the PagerDuty interface since you will be doing exercises on it during the interview. We want to ensure that you become familiar with the core concepts of PagerDuty; we will expect you to be able to manually trigger an incident and receive a phone call.

Note: If you are applying for a Technical Support Engineer role on our Customer Support and Success team, the onsite will also include a Scripting/ API and monitoring slot.

Sales: You will start with an introductory phone call with your recruiter, followed by either an in-person meeting or phone chat with the hiring manager.

There are multiple sales levels at PagerDuty. If you are interviewing for entry-level roles such as Sales Development Representative or Business Development Representative, you will be meeting with four or five members of the team.

If you are interviewing for higher-level roles, you will be required to present a demo to showcase your ability to close deals. We will provide you with a laptop for this demo and all the preparation that you will need. The rest of the day will include meetings with the team.

Marketing: You will start with an introductory phone call with your recruiter, followed by either a quick in-person meeting or phone chat with the hiring manager. If the hiring manager chooses to move forward, we will contact you to schedule an onsite interview to meet the team.

Because PagerDuty has distributed teams and supports working remotely, you may have video interviews during your interviewing process.

Engineering Interviewing

Your interview process will begin with a brief call with your recruiter to see if the position is a good fit. If we decide to move forward, the next step will either be an introductory phone call with the hiring manager or a 60-minute technical session. Don’t worry, we will let you know what to expect!

Technical Session:
This session focuses on practical coding skills and will be a home exercise with you and one of our engineers based in either Toronto or San Francisco. One of our recruiting coordinators will reach out to schedule a time that is best for you.

Prior to the call, you will be required to spend about 30 minutes preparing a todo skeleton application. You will need to have the development environment set up and the project ready to go for the interview session. We will be focusing on what you can accomplish during the call itself, so keep things simple and be sure to read instructions carefully!

If your technical session is successful, we will invite you onsite to meet with four or five members of the team. We do have interviewers-in-training so it is possible that you may meet with more team members who will be shadowing the coding slots.
In terms of preparation, you will need to bring a laptop with a working development environment of your choice. If you don’t have a laptop, we can provide one for you.

The onsite day includes a few different coding and whiteboarding sessions. The coding sessions will be conducted by our engineers in either the San Francisco or Toronto office and will last for approximately an hour each. You will also have an interview with the hiring manager for this role. If you have a midday interview, lunch will be provided. (FYI, lunches here are pretty delicious).

For the coding sessions, communication is key when solving problems. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and talk through it out loud to the interviewers in the room. We really want to see your thought process! If you make a mistake, don’t stress. At PagerDuty, we value resilience and strive to always learn from our mistakes.

During your onsite, you will meet with your recruiter. This is your opportunity to ask any and all questions about PagerDuty and/or the interview process itself. At this time, your recruiter will also delve further into the company’s vision and values.
If you are applying for a director-level role, you will also be speaking with the SVP of Product Development.

After you have spent time with us onsite, the team will gather feedback and decide if you meet the expectations for this role. Your recruiter will then get back to you as soon as possible.

Because PagerDuty has distributed teams and supports working remotely, you may have video interviews during your interviewing process.

Innovating for customers in a dynamic, high-velocity, hyper-competitive market requires awesome people doing the best work in their careers at PagerDuty. For our people and our teams to thrive, we must set clear goals and define our values—in plain English—that translate to behavior.

Our values are more than words on a poster—they define the way we win together, the fabric in a tapestry of ethics, integrity, equality, and inspiration for our community:

  • Community. PagerDuty is for all people.
  • Trust. You can count on us. We do what we say we will do.
  • Growth. We strive for growth, in service to our users and customers, in our own personal development, and in our business, with grit, resilience, and focus.
  • Passion. We are ALL IN. There is joy in loving what you do and who you do it for.
  • Team. We are ONE DIVERSE TEAM. We win, fail, and learn together.

We are extremely proud of our inclusive company culture. It’s been a core tenet and asset for our business from the start. From our CEO and leadership team to our newest hires, we are thoughtful, intentional, and visible in demonstrating our values in all we do.

PagerDuty’s Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging programs for 2018 focus on two core areas fundamental to our success: DISCOVER amazing talent from underrepresented populations and sustaining an inclusive environment where everyone can FLOURISH.


Representation in Recruitment. PagerDuty’s goal is to have candidates from underrepresented groups at our on-site interviews. We also require the agencies we work with to provide a diverse candidate pool.

Career Accelerator Program. We are redefining pathways to employment at PagerDuty through our Career Accelerator Program. Based on a traditional internship or co-op program, we bring individuals on board for sessions that last 8 to 16 weeks, for a total of three sessions per year. But unlike a traditional internship program, we identify our talent through hackathons and partners like Code2040 and Hackbright, and look for those returning to the workforce after time away, as well as veterans transitioning into corporate careers. Because we’re not constrained by a traditional university recruiting program, we achieved 50% gender parity in our 2017 cohort—and 2018 is off to a great start! With our Winter and Summer session participants confirmed, 56% of our 2018 cohort are from underrepresented populations.

Fair Recruitment Practices. From the moment we open a new job, we work to integrate diversity at every step:

  • Recruiters and hiring managers review their sourcing strategy, with a focus on increasing representation in the pipeline.
  • Job descriptions are reviewed for inclusive language.
  • We use structured interviews to help remove interviewer bias. Our interviewers and hiring managers are requested to complete training courses which includes a component on bias awareness and mitigation.
  • Candidates with disabilities can request accommodations at any step of our process.


Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are funded, voluntary, employee-led groups that foster a diverse and inclusive workplace culture. While each group has its own flavor, their mission, activities, and goals are aligned around these four core pillars:

  •  Connect with others from a shared demographic group and their allies
  •  Enrich our inclusive culture through relevant learning, educational, and celebratory activities
  •  Empowermembers through professional development and leadership opportunities - including mentorship
  •  Support PagerDuty’s business goals by participating in and organizing service and recruiting events

We currently have five ERGs with members and allies around the globe:

  • Array: Black and Latinx
  • MigrantDuty: Individuals working in locations that are not their home country
  • PatriotDuty: Military and Veterans
  • RainbowDuty: LGBTQIA
  • SisterDuty: Women and those who identify as women

Equal Pay.We have implemented systemic changes to promote gender pay equity. At PagerDuty, male and female team members are compensated equally, within 1-2 percent, job for job, at the same level. We’ll also be expanding our efforts to focus on race/ethnicity this year. We’re committed to equal pay and have taken Glassdoor’s Equal Pay Pledge. 

Parental Leave. Our paid U.S. parental leave provides 22 weeks. We also provide 12 weeks of paid parental leave for non-pregnant parents, including adoptive parents. We are incredibly proud to have made it more possible for all of our team members on “BabyDuty” to have the much-needed time off to care for and spend with their new child.

Managing Inclusion. Whether a Dutonian is an individual contributor, manager, or leader, we will soon launch workshops dedicated to understanding and mitigating bias. Additionally, we ensure that bias awareness training is embedded into learning sessions around performance evaluation, recruitment, teaming, and coaching.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms.  We believe every Dutonian should feel comfortable using the restroom that they are most comfortable in.

Name Guide. We recently launched a tool where Dutonians can verbally record their name and attach it to our internal look-up tool. Now we can make sure we’ve got the pronunciation right before you walk into that first meeting with a new colleague.

Mother's Rooms and Prayer Rooms in our offices.


We partner with leaders in the diversity and inclusion space that not only help us build diverse pipelines, but also provide coaching, mentoring, and professional development for our people. Our current partnerships are with:

  • Code2040
  • Girls in Tech
  • Hackbright Academy
  • Hispanic IT Executive Council (HITEC)
  • Awaken

PagerDuty is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities in our job application process.  Should you require accommodation, please and we will work with you to meet your accessibility needs.

PagerDuty Reviews

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PagerDuty CEO Jennifer Tejada
Jennifer Tejada
64 Ratings
  • Featured Review

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    "Best culture of any company I've worked for..."

    • Work/Life Balance
    • Culture & Values
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    Current Employee - Anonymous Employee in San Francisco, CA
    Current Employee - Anonymous Employee in San Francisco, CA
    Positive Outlook
    Approves of CEO

    I have been working at PagerDuty full-time


    Get to work with super-smart + passionate individuals. GSD culture in Engineering. Very supportive peers.

    Guilt-free culture. If you are feeling sick and need to take a day off or work remotely, you can do that guilt-free. Within Engineering, most teams are split between SF, Toronto, and remote folks. It's very easy to WFH when you like, and there's a culture of trust.

    Large enough to find like-minded folks interested in things you are interested in... There's a slack channel for almost any hobby/interest you can think of. Communities within PD meet weekly for random things like tea tasting, meditation, yoga, etc.

    Leadership is fully committed to and gets Agile, not just within Engineering, but across the org.

    Leadership is fully committed to diversity and creating a safe environment to be one's authentic self.


    Lots of autonomy. You won't be told what to do. Some folks may be so used to being micromanaged that they are uncomfortable in an environment where they're in control of their own destiny + growth.

    PD is growing so fast, it's easy to overcommit yourself. Going back to autonomy / being in control of one's destiny... It's important to know what your own boundaries are and creating a healthy work/life balance is up to you.

    Advice to Management

    PagerDuty is changing fast, feels like a new company every 6 months. Let's retain what's important to us + what makes us special as we continue to scale + grow.

    Let's add 401k matching ASAP.

    Let's look for interns at more than one university.

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PagerDuty Photos

PagerDuty photo of: Team building at Company Kick Off
PagerDuty photo of: Life@PD
PagerDuty photo of: Our Leadership Team
PagerDuty photo of: The On-Calls - our PagerDuty Band - with guest vocalist, Jennifer Tejada, CEO
PagerDuty photo of: PD Pledge
PagerDuty photo of: Team building at Company Kick Off
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PagerDuty Interviews



Getting an Interview

Getting an Interview




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    Software Engineer Interview

    Anonymous Interview Candidate in San Francisco, CA
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    I applied through a recruiter. The process took 4 weeks. I interviewed at PagerDuty (San Francisco, CA) in May 2015.


    2 Phone Screens and 9 am to 5pm onsite. Every round is a knockout round.

    First phone screen is half manager's talk about the company and team and half coding exercise on an online code editor and compiler. Second screen again bunch of distributed system related questions and coding again on interviewer's choice of shared editor. This would seem like a question answer session. I think no of wrong answers would decide the result.

    Onsite is initially very relaxing and picks up some speed in afternoon. Be careful to not make minor mistakes because those matter a lot. Non-coding interviews are more of a discussion but do require white-boarding but again beware of wrong answers in between the discussion. Even just one or two could cause rejection.

    Coding interviews are not that hard in terms of difficulty (I found one of those difficult and had some hard time) but again try not to be in pressure and make minor mistakes. Code is compiled and run on a given dataset.

    Interview Questions

    • Won't be specific but related to data structures like linked list, tree and sub strings of a string.   Answer Question
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PagerDuty Awards & Accolades

  • Best Workplaces, Inc., 2018
  • Best Place to Work in the Bay Area, San Francisco Business Times/Silicon Valley Business Journal., 2018
  • Entrepreneur of the Year Winner (Northern California), Ernst & Young, 2018
  • Forbes Cloud 100 List, #16, Forbes, 2018
  • Silver Stevie Winner: Customer Service Team of the Year, The International Business Awards, 2016
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Pledges & Certifications

Diversity Commitment

Has programs that support a diverse and inclusive workforce

First Job Programs

Maintain entry-level hiring and career development programs to give people career starts

Pay Equality Pledge

Committed to paying equitably for equal work & experience


Offer formal "internships" for mid-career people or those returning to the workforce

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