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Was asked how I would implement division without using division or mod operators. The answer should return in the form quotient r remainder.

8 Answers

Answer 1: Use subtraction and keep a count of how many times subtracted. When the remainder is smaller than the divisor, count is your answer, and whatever is left is the remainder. Was then asked the complexity in terms of binary. After that, was asked to come up with a solution with better complexity. Answer 2: Multiply the divisor by two until it is larger than the dividend. Go back one, subtract that out, multiply again. This solution will have a much better complexity.

I could not get second solution. Though its really interesting .... e.g. 39/3 1. multiply 3 with 2 until it gets bigger 3->6->12->24->48 (using 8 3. Sub that out 39-24 = 14 4. Go to 1

1. multiply 3 with 2 until it gets bigger than 29: 6,12,24,48 2. Go back one: 24 =>8 3. Sub that out: 39-24 = 15 1. multiply 3 with 2 until it gets bigger than 15: 6,12,24 2. Go back one: 12 =>4 3. Sub that out: 15-12 = 3 1. multiply 3 with 2 until it gets bigger than 3: 6 2. Go back one: 3=>1 3. Sub that out: 3-3 = 0 Answer: 8+4+1 = 13

When would we exspect to receive a hire date?

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Name a time when you had to fill in for a absent coworker. what did you do how did you handle it what was the outcome

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They asked how I would handle dealing with a difficult person and what I would do about it.

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When was a situation you were in the wrong?

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"Why should we hire you?" Or "What makes you stand out?"

1 Answer

Do you pay attention do small detail?

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3 or 4 people discussed my resume with me in detail.

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Do you have experience with electronics?

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How far do you want to go here? Where do you want to be in 5 years?

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