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Asked to identify how many antennas are there in a cellphone

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Last interviewer had an event in which he had three light switches that each controlled three different light bulbs and my job was to find which switch went to which light bulb. The environment was that I was in a room in which I could not see the light bulbs unless I left the room but if I left the room I could not go back into it.

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Second interviewer had a diagram of a common issue found in the lab. Issue consisted of laser being shot into 5 different mirrors and a tool that measures the laser's intensity. Problem was that one measurement was off but it did not affect the image at the end and I needed to find out the issue

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Tell me about a time you had a conflict with a member of your group and how you dealt with it.

What can you positively bring to the Team? What are your current weakness if placed in a team environment?

If I give you a pen, describe how you would test it?

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they were very Keen on verification then on Testing

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How a try catch exception worked in my favorite language.

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