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What was the most interesting course you took in your education that was not directly related to your major, and why?

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Interviewer wanted to get an idea of who you were as a person and as an intellectual who could articulate a non-technical response.

they gave me digital circuit diagram, I cannot tell its funciton.

Tell me about your project experience

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Pattern matching in a stream of bits and substitution with another pattern

Many data structures questions. Brush up on BSTs and sorting algorithms.

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Phone interviews contain basic concepts about OS, computer systems and C++ (they asked some C++ 11 probing questions), some behave questions as well. On-site interview includes whiteboard coding (basic algo questions slightly modified from some LeetCode, easy - medium level), implementing some data structures and some system design problems. IMHO, most of the on-site interview questions are well prepared and kinda challenging. Keep your mind clear.

Given two arbitrarily large positive integers as strings, produce their sum as another string. Answer must be in C++.

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