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Your work style

1 Answer

They work with clean desk policy. Never take written notes under the interview. They appreciate people that never write down notes on paper while working. Also just keeping reading and keeping or printing documnets is not appreciated. Developers sit one tight to the other so they can control each other.

Programming test online

1 Answer

Imagine dropping a Rubik's Cube into a bucket of paint. How many of the cubes will get paint on them?

3 Answers

How does dependency injection work in Spring?

Assume that we have a legacy application that uses a proprietary text configuration file. We need to change the application so we can get the configuration from one of the following sources: 1- Legacy file 2- XML file 3- JSON stream 4- Database tables How can we decouple the application code and introduce the above feature?

What is the difference between an Interface and an Abstract class?

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