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Advisor, Client Solutions was asked...July 30, 2021

Q1.Cost of Debt or Cost of Equity - which is higher? Q2. Difference between FDI and FII Q3. work of an investment banker Q4. Venture Capital and Angel Investor Q5. Enterprise Value and Market Capitalization Q6. Ratios and Financial Statements related questions Q7. ESG investing

4 Answers

FDI refers to buying a company or investing money directly into other company which is in international grounds and the investing company takes part in the management of the invested company. FII refers to investors investing in the financial instruments of foreign companies, they don’t involve in the management of company. Less

4. Vc is the short form of venture capital , its a form of financing which is offered to startup and small businesses which are believed to have long term high growth potential, often venture capitalists are risky investors. Angel investor is an individual who invests in business, he invests money from his personal wealth unlike the venture capital firm which uses investment fund. Less

Cost of equity is always higher than the cost of equity, as the equity investors take more risk so they expect better returns, but the catch is company’s often don’t pay dividends to shareholders which is their return. Less

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What does excellent client service look like to you?

4 Answers

customer is happy and satisfied with a company's products or services. It also involves providing service to a customer in a timely, pleasant manner. Less

Its good suggestion

Company want to know my capable about of this position. They want to know more things from me as such my experience as usual working atmosphere and about of company. Less

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Esperienze lavorative passate, Motivazioni che mi hanno spinto a scegliere l'azienda

3 Answers

Il gruppo rappresenta la selezione dei miei brands preferiti.Lavorare in Vuitton sarebbe un sogno.Ho 11 anni di esperienza nella vendita di luxury goods,la pelletteria è la mia seconda pelle.Non sono giovanissima ma,il fatto di non essermi mai sposata ne’di avere avuto figli mi ha permesso di mantenermi bene. Less

I am ready to work and I have many skills

Dettaglio delle mansioni svolte e delle competenze acquisite, interessi personali e passioni Less

Hendrick Automotive Group

How will you make an impact?

3 Answers

Work harder than everybody else

Integration as a team member, would be first. Earning the teams trust, learning all their functions, understanding the intertwined elements of success and where I may utilize my skills to contribute to overall success. Less

That remains to be seen. I could pontificate until we are all blue in the face. A pointless endeavor. You nor I, have the time for that. Should you want to utilize my skills, now is the time to call. Thank you for reviewing my application. Less

Louis Vuitton

Tell me about your sales metrics?

3 Answers

I am also very easy-going with all types of clients out of my goal is to look for exactly what brought them in. In my opinion a client has to like believe and trust you in order to purchase from you. If they feel you’re only trying to sell them what you want to sell them they will never buy from you even if you offer the item for free. That’s something I would never do and that’s why I was so successful in what I did in the automotive industry selling cars as a car sales woman! Less

I worked for SERRA Automotive for approximately 5 years I was a Sales Consultant. I have a very friendly likable personality and work well in social enviroments and with others . I enjoy Sales , after 1-2 years the saw started to come so natural . Ofcourse car sales is different than retail sales however Sales is Sales! I have a confident personality when working with all types of clientele. Less

Not what they wanted to hear. You have to know your #S

Louis Vuitton

How much were you making before?

3 Answers



I was paid weekly as well as monthly. Weekly I received a “draw”. A draw basically a form of payment upfront. I basically worked commission only. However, that was never an issue for me because I have a passion for what I Was doing at the moment and I Am great in sales! Working commission only was no issue to me because I average $300 to $500 per vehicle sometimes $1000 per vehicle (depending on the sale) at the end of the year when I decided to resign I had made 56,000 for the year. Also one thing I take credit And pride for is I trained someone in the car business who I consider my partner and he made 86K year! Less

Louis Vuitton

Pourquoi louis vuitton

3 Answers

Parce que s'est Louis vuitton

Louis Vuitton est une grande marque

Lv est une des maisons les plus nobles et emblématique de France.

BMW Group

most people dont make it in this business, why will you.

2 Answers

because im unlike most people.

I am me They have to do them I got me.


What made you want to apply for RBC

2 Answers

RBC is an industry leader. I would like to bring my skills and my knowledge to contribute to RBC’s overall success. Less

RBC is one of the reputed banks in Canada. I would like to be apart of the RBC team to gain experience and knowledge. I promise that I'll do my best to be apart of the bank's success. Less


Sei capace di adattarti alle varie situazioni e ai vari clienti che ti si possono presentare?

2 Answers

La capacità di adattamento è una delle qualità che più apprezzo di me stesso. Credo di saper riconoscere il tipo di persona che ho davanti e sapermi adattare al contesto (es. linguaggio, modo di porsi, domande da fare) Less

Quale di domande ti fa il manager italia? Grazie

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