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They were all pretty straight forward. Mid-Level coding questions. Can't get into details because of the NDA but most of the questions were already here. String/Array manipulation

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Could you please write the type of questions you were asked

What's the difference between =, ==, and ===?

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"The architecture is very poor, issues are very difficult to isolate and comfortable are you with that?"

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Parse the first column of a CSV using bash.

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I was asked to explain a programming project I had done as part of the interview.

Sorting Algorithm question and another question for Strings/Arrays.

It was back in 1997, not sure if its all relevant now. The questions were fairly tough C, C++ like what's the output of this code and few puzzles. But, nothing that completely stumped me.

None of the questions I encountered were particularly difficult. I suppose the question about ways to see if someone is defrauding a contest built off of Facebook's API was a head scratcher of a problem.

Do a complicated SQL query!

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