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Are you OK with helping out in the store when you're not making deliveries?

1 Answer

I would have no problem doing that. I know that as a delivery driver it's also my responsibility to be helping the team members inside the store when I have idle time.

If you are short on your inventory for delivery, what would you do?

1 Answer

how would i deal with a customer who is upset with the fact their food is late

1 Answer

Have you had a speeding ticket recently?

2 Answers

How much experience do you have?

1 Answer

How would you handle a situation of rowdy kids

2 Answers

"tell me about a particularly difficult customer, and how did you handle the situation"

1 Answer

What I felt was important about the position.

1 Answer

Given a binary tree with only upwards (parent) node references, re-construct the tree adding in child references. You are given a list of leaf nodes (sorted in left to right order). Tricks include making sure to account for extremely unbalanced trees.

3 Answers

which comes first,your family or septa

6 Answers
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