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write a function that finds the remainder between two numbers using only addition, sutraction and multiplication.

5 Answers

var x; var y; var solution; var TestSol; var Remainder; x * (1/y) = solution; solution*y = TestSol; if (TestSol = x) { document.write("Remainder is zero"); } else { x - TestAns = Remainder; document.write (Remainder); }

Oops, forgot to include parseInt()

the first solution is wrong..(1/y) is division dude.. I think the solution is something like this. Suppose x, y are your numbers and you want to find remainder(y/x). z = x while z < y i++ z = x*i end remainder = y - (z*(i-1))

Describe how you would have a client adopt Palantir's software.

2 Answers

Find a min and max in an array of integers.

2 Answers

what do you know about the position

1 Answer

Describe a process that you used before, and teach it to me

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Programming Question

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What is your Superpower, and super weakness? Brainteaser with fluctuating stock prices.

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What about Palantir do you find interesting, and what do you really like about it?

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Write a function that removes duplicate numbers in an array

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A company has bought the Palantir software, how are you going to implement its training and its adoption?

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