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Be sure you're familiar with the Service Delivery process from Customer to Sales (to Order Entry) to Provisioning/Design to Activatiion, and NOC support.

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I outlined the life of an order, and all of the touch points that were possible. This gave them my depth of knowledge on the process I would be managing.

What are 5 things that you are not?

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Case study involving time prioritization and problem solving.

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Lots of behavioral questions such as a name a time you didn't get your way or how you influenced others to get your way

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You're working with someone and they're struggling. What do you do? (answer 1) Now you're still helping them, but they're still struggling? (answer 2) They're still working on similar issues, but still coming to you for help and struggling through. (answer 3)

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Tell me about yourself.

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Online assessment: - Start with the speed section, because your eyes will be so tired by the end of the test. The questions were really easy, but have a calculator handy. ( I only got through 6/10 questions) - Math/logic section: reading through the other reviews online will help go through this section faster. Math or logic questions you can pretty much figure out yourself, but there are some mind riddle questions that can trip you out (ie. apple is 40 cents, banana is 60 cents, how much is a pear? A: 40 cents, bc it has two vowels lol). - Grammar section: really easy grammar questions where you have to correct a sentence, with questions such as YOUR vs YOU'RE or COULD'VE vs COULD OF (<- this is not a word) - Programming: I've only taken one programming class (where I went to class 10% of the time) so I chose the no experience option. This is fine even if you are applying for TS role. It teaches you basic programming logic such as AND and OR, and is manageable if you don't freak out and just take some time to think through it. HR interview: 5 things you are not? Why did you choose your major/ college? What is your pet peeve?

The questions regarding the business cases. Cant reveal anything, but it was the hardest part for sure.

What do you do if your boss isn't available, and an important decision has to be made?

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