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One question 3 of the interviewers asked me was "What was the most difficult thing you had to deal with.".

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Think about it first, it's hard to remember all what you did in a few seconds. Be ready to brag about your experience, your achievements, what you're proud about. Overall I feel like what is rewarded is you as you are. What you did is a proof of what you are. I don't even hold a bachelor degree, and never worked in a fancy company before.

What were they especially looking in an iOS engineer? Did you code everything in Objective C?

My understanding is that they are looking for reasonably excited people, who can solve medium-hard algorithm problems (not crazy ones, kinda array sorting and stuff), and know well their language and platform (in our case iOS/Objective-C). And yes, all was in Objective-C. At some point I asked if Python would be more adapted, they insisted I do all in Objective-C. I just feel Objective-C is a little heavy (syntax wise) for algorithm problems... Good luck :)

If you have a program that runs slow, how will you improve it to run faster?

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Emphasis on algorithms and complexity analysis and some higher-level design. Process is perhaps more focussed on discussion of alternatives/trade-offs/complexity over necessarily nailing a "perfect" answer in the provided time.

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stack or a heap, which is faster?

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Create simple app with button, edittext, activities, intents, textviews. I wouldn't write it in exact detail here since it is internal.

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The questions weren't too technical or difficult, but I was thrown by the vagueness of "Tell me about memory management."

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How use the native iOS apis for the web service calls?

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How will you implement sets and the intersection operation? Complexity?

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Programming exercise was good- you had 1:15 hr in XCode to write a simple iOS application with data persistence, implement a shake motion gesture, localize it into french and spanish, and ensure the UI resized correctly. Then you had to write the test cases for your app. All told if you knew what you were doing you should have the basics done in under an hour. From there you can spend the rest of your time making the UI pretty.

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