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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama
Mainframe Programmer was asked...April 29, 2009

What did u like in your previous job and what u didnt like?

1 Answers

I liked the open work culture and the learning which i got in my previous job.

Time Customer Service

The first interview was mostly mainframe technical questions.

1 Answers

I answered them correctly and added my experiences


Willingness to work in shifts

1 Answers

Yes, I am.


what do u know about the company?

1 Answers

the hr went ahead and boasted about the company


What do you know about Sysplex Distributor and how it works? Are you familiar with CICS Web Services and its use of Dynamic Virtual IP addresses? What is your understanding of Change Control systems? How would you respond to a conflict amongst team members? How would you be inclusive of other members of your team and members of other teams? How would you collaborate with other teams, business units or vendors to accomplish project goals?

1 Answers

Sysplex Distributor is a function of z/OS Communication Server that allows failover of Dynamic VIP addresses and load balancing of Distributed Dynamic VIP addresses for IP traffic. CICS Web Services utilizes Dynamic VIP addressing for availability and to balance incoming requests across multiple mainframe LPARs. Change control systems are used as a focal point to manage, communicate and document changes to the IT infrastructure. They typically require detailed implementation, validation and backout procedures for each change and need to be reviewed and approved by peers, management and advisory committees. I would respond to conflict by pulling the team members into a quiet area or huddle room, listening to both sides of the argument and offering suggestions on how they might resolve their differences. I would be inclusive of members of any team by soliciting their input on projects that we collaborate on. Their ideas may provide better ways of getting a task accomplished and thus cannot be overlooked. I will engage subject matter experts on my team or any other team for work that needs expert consideration, review and validation. There are always team members who know more about a subject so I excel at seeking those individuals out. Less


The questions were about certain programming skills and how many years I had used languages and tools

1 Answers

I answered the questions with my detailed background and did not receive any comments from the interviewer. I have a large gap in my IT employment and am attempting a return to mainframe programming and development. I find that this gap leads to a lack of enthusiasm to hire me. However, the gap was in my resume and they did spend the time to discuss my background and determine if further communication was necessary. At the time, I believe they wanted to fill the position quickly with a person actively engaged in the task. Less


Cobol: are you familiar with tables

1 Answers

yes.... and discussed briefly both binary and serial searches


table handling in cobol: indexes, subscripts; also asked questions regarding the application applied for.... in this case it was knowledge about trade processuing and margin

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Tata Consultancy Services (North America)

Questions were related to my expectation towards the role and company.

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Told them what i am looking for.

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