Programmer Analyst Interview Questions

Programmer Analyst Interview Questions

As a programmer analyst, you’re being hired for your brain, so expect your brain to be put to the test with challenging analytical questions. Expect technical questions about writing software and also questions about general analytical and problem solving skills. Also, you ultimately need to be able to communicate results to the business leaders, so expect to be tested on your ability to present your findings in a concise and coherent way.

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Pathway Genomics
Programmer-Analyst was asked...September 20, 2011

How many tries would it take to successfully choose a randomly-picked number from between 1 and 1000?

2 Answers

log2(1000) = log 1000 / log 2 ~= 10

I didn't know, but I vainly tried to get it. Just keep picking a median number (500, 250, 125, etc.) until you get it right. Less

National Instruments

Tell me about an experience where you were forced to handle a conflict, and what was the outcome

2 Answers

I gave an example of a conflict I had with a team member who was not carrying his weight in a group project. In these kinds of questions make sure to focus on your communication skills in being able to diffuse the issue and coming to a positive or neutral solution. For me, I had an honest conversation with the team member and gave him a chance to explain his situation (didn't want to jump to conclusions). Then we worked together to form a plan to ensure he met deadlines. Less

I mentioned a conflict with a teacher, and was truthful about the outcome, regardless of it's neutral (not positive or negative) tone Less

Denver Public Schools

What is the most used Java class?

1 Answers

The Object class, as it is the base class of all other Java classes. Not really difficult or tricky, if given a little thought. Less

Goldman Sachs

How many square feet of pizza is eaten in the US each year?

26 Answers

A pizza is roughly 1 sqft. If the average american eats 1/3 of a pizza and eats pizza 3 times a month, that would mean 12sqft a year. Times 200M americans that gives you 2.4 billion sqft. Less

Sorry, i must be stupid. I didn´t know pizza were made of feet.

All of them.

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Use 10 trees and plant them in 4 rows such that each row has atleast 4 trees

6 Answers

try diagonal star shape

try diagonal

by put it in " s "shape

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Cognizant Technology Solutions

They asked me if I am capable to be relocated to multiple places.

5 Answers

Any other questions

I have interview after tomorrow please help

It is a very typical interview, nothing so difficult or different. They will ask you about their company, go to their website and memorize everything about Cognizant so you could talk confidently. They might ask if you accept going to India for a month or two for a training. There would be a lot of candidates, and three stages of interviews, just be confident and patient. Hold your breath till the end you well get the job. Less

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It was easy... consist of puzzles & case studies.

4 Answers

What is significance of 1st January 1960 in SAS? Ans. SAS stores everything in form of numbers and considers 1-1-1960 as base date Less

There are two ways of doing quantitative estimates to problems like "how many bricks in the Great Wall" or "how many tennis balls in the United States?". In this case, let's use cars in a particular city. 1. Top-down. Take the population of the city. Countries and/or states often have car ownership records, whoever is the registration authority. In the US, you would use the State DMV, but the US Dept. of Transportation also has that. You would then apply a ratio to the population of the city. You would then adjust the resulting number by demographics. Compare the cities demographics compared to the "average city" in the city/state. For example, cities tend to have younger, richer population. There may be other factors like the antiquated road infrastructure (e.g. Rome), extremely high cost of living/car ownership (e.g. New York City) or car taxes (e.g. Singapore). 2. Bottoms-up. Sometimes you can collect the data manually. Usually, this type of estimate works only were data integrity is good and available. Also, you usually have to do a reality check against a top-down guesstimate anyways. Less

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what's your understanding of south south cooperation

4 Answers

South-South cooperation is a term historically used by international policymakers to describe the exchange of resources, technology, and knowledge between developing countries in the southern hemisphere. Its similar to the old policy of North-North policy of developed countries. Examples of south countries like Brazil India Sri Lanka and so on. Less

South-South policyis a term historically used by international policymakers to describe the exchange of resources, technology, and knowledge between developing countries like Brazil, India, Nigeria and so on. It is the policy similar to the old policy of developed countries of North-North policy. Less

bold, innovative, and growing means to strengthen cooperation for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, the global plan of action for people, planet and prosperity to eradicate poverty Less

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HTC Global Services

The programs that i encountered: 1.Get the average marks from user and if avg>=80&&avg>=100 print grade A. avg>=60&&avg<=79 print grade B,else grade C. 2.write a program for the series 1,2,2,4,8,32. 3.write a function that accepts int array as parameter and print the sorted array. 4.draw a flow chart for the question 1. 5.write a function that accept string as a parameter and prints the number of vowels . 6.write an abstract class and performs the string length and reverse string operation. 7.write a class program with default and parameterized constructor and perform constructor overloading operation. 8.write a program for string validation. • Should not start with ‘.’ And should end with ‘.’ • The string must contain at least 3 spaces. • Size of the string not more than 20. 9.write a program for email validation • There is only one @ symbol • ‘.’ should come after the @ symbol • Should not start with ‘.’

4 Answers

THankx for sharing ur experience with is helpful

For me its easy because I am very good in programming.I attended with a calm mind and cleared it. Less

the answer for 1st program is import java.util.scanner public Class RankCard{ public static void main (string args[]) { int marks; Scanner input = new Scanner(; System.out.println("Enter your marks to know your Grade"); marks = input.nextInt(); if(marks&gt;=80&amp;&amp;marks&gt;=100) { System.out.println("hey you got A Grade"); } else if (marks&gt;=60&amp;&amp;marks&gt;=79) { System.out.println("you got B Grade"); } else { System.out.println("you got C grade"); } } } Less

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Cognizant Technology Solutions

write a program in c++ with this pointer

3 Answers

wrote a simple program



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