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Mysql Database Administrator was asked...June 28, 2017

They asked me how i will manage the MySQL server for their OLAP services?

1 Answers

I told them that MySQL has capability to serve both OLTP and OLAP services well if it nicely and thoroughly configured and managed. So for OLAP services we can make use of MyISAM engines for read and Full table scan queries, further we can create cluster and use partitioning to achieve high throughput. Less


If i know what is ACID?

1 Answers

Atomicity, concistency, isolation, durability


Describe the different raid systems and what you would use them for?

1 Answers

This isn't a tough question, but threw me a bit off guard. The last few companies that I have worked for had separated this duty out to a storage engineer. Less


Usual tech questions. Mostly conceptual, like: "How you would scale a DB in x scenario" There was also a logical test with not so common questions. E.g.: How many people in the world use x system?

1 Answers

The best I could.

Tata Consultancy Services

Regarding the work which was done in previous company

1 Answers

We are normally telling about whatever they were asking me


what does "length" field of explain plan tell you.

1 Answers

In explain plan exist only field which called 'key_len'. it is the length of the key. Less


If a parent record was accidentally deleted without removing the child records, what query could you use to determine what records were "orphaned".

1 Answers

A LEFT join with an IS NULL in the predicate.

The Portal Group

list Background Processes in oracle Database

1 Answers


RS Software

Are you breathing?

1 Answers



Talk about your journey so far.

1 Answers

I described in detail my life journey

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