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Recruiter sent a set of questions to answer and send them a copy. Questions were focusing in your failures, achievements, Amazon leadership and how it maps to your experience, as well as explain the most difficult project you got involved. I needed to prepare that before they arrange/offer a phone interview. Prior to my interview, I expressed the recruiter that I do not write code and I do not want questions to be asked in coding or SW design. I did not have any problems with SW project management, requirements and etc. My main background was HW. In my phone interview, there was not any single question about Amazon leadership or any questions about my resume. Only question was about API design and detail system SW design. I thought this is program management position and I felt uncomfortable with SW API design questions.

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I described the process and requirements. But he wanted actual SW design. I felt interview was not going in a right direction and I did not feel comfortable. It was clear that he was a young leader. I was not interested in the position after initial Role discussion. I feel in Amazon, Engineering leadership run show and PM is just a support role at least for this position. Because I got rejected in phone interview, my application for other position are also got frozen. This is Amazon approach. So make it sure if you accept an interview , you are 100% interested in the position, otherwise it would impact your remaining positions you have applied.

Typical Program Mgmt type questions - lot of focus on the 'artifacts' or output that a tech PM will provide or generate.

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Hiring Manager provided role play scenarios to developing a new product. Asked questions about my approach to requirements gathering, working with others, communicating work progress and stoppage. How I would manage an unhappy or aggressive customer.

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How do you handle conflict? What are the reasons you left previous organizations? What are your biggest accomplishments and failures?

What is the system design of the most complex project you've worked on?