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How much experience do yo have?

2 Answers

1 year as an apprentice for Current Electric in Dodge City, KS

I have 3 years experience.

Reverse an array without using the reverse method, without using a second array, and without duplicating any of the values.

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Given 3 integers how do you find the middle number?

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Do you take pride in your work?

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Have you ever done any illegal drugs? Do you have any misdemeanor or Felony convictions?

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Solve for n factorial using recursion.

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Basic array and string manipulation questions. Make sure you know your basic data structures, especially arrays and hash tables. Practice LeetCode easy and medium problems.

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Anheuser Busch-Industrial Skills Test: There are 4 sections to the IST. Sections 1 & 2 have 25 questions and you are given 35 minutes to complete. Section 3, is 80 questions and you are given 5 minutes to complete as many questions as you can, as quickly and accurately as you can. The last section is 25 questions and you are given about 20-35 minutes to complete. You will be given pencils, a bubble answer sheet, scratch paper and a calculator. The first section tests your reading comprehension. You will see one page that has writing, such as a memo or rules, etc. and the opposite page will have anywhere from 4-5 questions regarding information contained in the body of the memo, etc. There is a total of 25 questions, and you are provided 35 minutes to complete. Section 2 is about math reasoning. You will see lots of charts and have questions such as: If “x percent” of “Blank dept” show up for a meeting in February, how many employees does “Bland dept” have? (NOTE: this is just an example and NOT an actual test question). You have 35 minutes to complete this section. The third section is about matching information accurately and quickly. So you will be provided with 2 types of matching. One is through pictures. For example, you will see a picture of a “Master part” and the following list of parts will either match the “Master part” or will be different. So pay attention as some parts will be rotated or flipped upside down, etc. but may actually be the same as the “Master part”. The other type of matching will be regarding sequence of numbers, or numbers and letters. Example: Part number: 13Y-4131. If you see this exact number in the list of part numbers provided, you mark it as the same, but if it differs (13u-4131, 13Y-41-31, for example) then you will mark it as different. Again, there are 80 of these types of matching questions and you ONLY have 5 minutes. So please, pay attention. They want to see a good number of questions completed, but more importantly they want quality. So if you can only complete 10 questions, that is okay, but they better be correct. If you can do 30, 40 or 50, even better, but again, they better be accurate. The last section is has situational type pictures and questions. It will show you things like gears, and it will ask you: (example: If gear X turns to the left, then which way will gear G turn?). You will have between 20-35 minutes to complete this section. Over all, the test was fairly easy. I am only writing about this because I myself could not find any real helpful or insightful information regarding this test before I attended my actual test. But like I said, it really is not so bad. For the math section, you will be provided with scratch paper and a calculator. No other items or instruments will be allowed, however if you have any special needs requests due to disabilities, you will have an option to ask for anything else you may require to complete the test. So far I am still in the pre-screening selection process. I first applied to a position (obviously, lol), then I was emailed with a questionnaire (questions geared towards how you would react to certain situations; ex: if Amy is not doing her job, what would you do? Tell a supervisor, yell at Amy, do nothing, etc.). Now I have completed this test today, Friday. We were told that they will grade the tests, and email those grades to us by the middle of next week. If you pass, you will be emailed with dates and times to attend an interview. Supposedly if you pass that interview, there will be a phone screening and then another, and perhaps final interview with Sr. Management. I hope this information helps those out there who are about to take this test for Anheuser Busch.

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math question .bending pipe. make three way light switch

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Are you interested in attending school?

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