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Now if you have a sorted array, how will you search for an element?

3 Answers

Algo of binary search

We can use binary search, it takes O(log n) time.

True. He then asked me to write a function for binary search.

None that I could not answer with conviction or clarification.

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Backups,Restores,Performance tuning ,SQL Development questions, AWS experience, SP tuning, Index management, Partitioning, Always-on features, Covered all the areas of SQL.

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simple questions more less technical questions

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The most difficult question was about my weaknesses. However, I have learned how to handle that particular question. Other difficult questions were technical in nature. For example, questions about web servers and dot net applications.

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Questions about backups and restores, also asked about tools I had used, some T-SQL questions as well

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First question: Tell me about page latching.

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Tell me something about performance issues which you recently faced.