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SQL Server Database Administrator Interview Questions


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The most difficult question was about my weaknesses. However, I have learned how to handle that particular question. Other difficult questions were technical in nature. For example, questions about web servers and dot net applications.

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I sincerely hope my contribution helped you in some small way. I tried to be as frank and honest as I could considering the questions you proposed.

First question: Tell me about page latching.

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Easy stuff. Nothing tough at all in the technical interview.

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If you are having issues connection to your database server how would you troubleshoot

SQL Server Architecture, Power Shell, Backup/Recovery, Cluster, Mirroring, Always ON, previous projects, T-SQL

Do you like cats?

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How would I handle a performance issue

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How would you identify a long running query? How would would find out the execution plan of that query? If you have a SPID how could you see what query that spid was executing? Name the types of waits in SQL-Server? What do they mean? Is there another way besides SQL Server Profiler, Extended Events and Performance Monitor to see waits, I/O, etc? What is the difference between an Implicit and Explicit query in SQL? With a large database using Blobs what sort of configuration changes do you have to make? How do you setup indexing specifically? What steps do you take to tune SQL queries? How would you go about rewriting a poorly performing query? How could you tell where indexes were missing? Why would you choose SQL-Server over Oracle?

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