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If I knew what the cross apply operator was

4 Answers

I gave a description of the cross apply operator

If they want the word its join, a description could be "the Cartesian product of multiplying the tables" and an example would be "like merging two matrices except every column may be of incongruent variables creating a result with polynomial rows, (which is likely no longer normalized to the form level of the database)"

An Apply operator is a join type that the DB engine evaluates in sequential order because the right-hand table object can reference data in the left-hand table object. The Cross Apply operator is the Apply operator that acts like an Inner Join, eliminating any records in the left-hand table object that have a null match in the right-hand table object.

Not unexpectedly, the manager was particularly interested in my experience in gathering requirements and creating designs.

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Assume a schema of Emp ( Id, Name, DeptId ) , Dept ( Id, Name). If there are 10 records in the Emp table and 5 records in the Dept table, how many rows will be displayed in the result of the following SQL query: Select * From Emp, Dept Explain what would be your answer?

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We have data that gets loaded once a week. With that in mind we have an application that clients enter search data in to and then SQL has to dynamically build a statement that has 25 different data points/relationships. It works fine, but takes upwards of 30 seconds to return the data to the client. You can not change the existing schema, but you can however add to it. Indexes are already present and optimized on all the different tables. What could you do to make this process much faster??

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What's the difference between TRUNCATE and DELETE

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What is the tnsnames?

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How to remove duplicate records

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Given 2 dates, return a result set that outputs a number for each week between the two. (They will ask the numbered week to be the sequential week and also the calendar week. Prepare for given start date to be start mid-week.)

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To summarize numbers from 1 to 100.

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What's the types of joints?How to create a table?

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