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If I knew what the cross apply operator was

4 Answers

I gave a description of the cross apply operator

If they want the word its join, a description could be "the Cartesian product of multiplying the tables" and an example would be "like merging two matrices except every column may be of incongruent variables creating a result with polynomial rows, (which is likely no longer normalized to the form level of the database)"

An Apply operator is a join type that the DB engine evaluates in sequential order because the right-hand table object can reference data in the left-hand table object. The Cross Apply operator is the Apply operator that acts like an Inner Join, eliminating any records in the left-hand table object that have a null match in the right-hand table object.

Nothing much really but one individual ask more nuts and bold questions. What is the size of big int or 10 min to build tree structure

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base technical sql server question

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How to debug a slow running SQL stored procedure?

Describe my experience with ETL and Accounting Procedures.

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SQL server questions, write queries, know about health insurance process, ?

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