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  • What I Wish I Knew: Adriana Briones | The MetLife Blog

    What I wish I knew: a series of conversations around first jobs It's that time of year again when students around the globe - under the proud, watchful eyes of their family, friends and faculty - are leaving academia behind and entering the workforce.

  • “Art reflects energy around us and in our culture. I look at all this art and think, these are the creative eyes that we need to see through to plan for the future,” commented Susan Podlogar, Chief HR Officer, MetLife at the ArteLatAm Colors of Latin America event hosted in New York.

    Thank you to all of the artists who shared their lives through art and allowed us to walk with them in a celebration of Latin American culture.

  • This April, we challenged our employees to make green changes in their daily lives. Here's how their small shifts had a huge collective impact.

  • Who's in your small business circle? Launch and build a successful brand with these five essential advisors.

    5 Advisors Every Small Business Owner Needs | The MetLife Blog

    As a small business owner, your time is precious. Having a circle of experts that provide the right guidance when you need it most can not only help you through the tough times, but also put you on the path to success more quickly. Consider adding these five important players to your advisor network: 1.

  • A bachelors degree can mean up to $1,000,000 more earned over a lifetime, but many low-income students still struggle to graduate. Thanks to support from MetLife Foundation and our partners at the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI), forward-thinking programs at community colleges are helping more students improve their financial health and go the distance.

    Paid Program: A New Graduation Equation

    Naffie Baldeh was 27 when she decided to go back to school. A single mother in the South Bronx, she'd been in and out of community colleges over the years as her family obligations and financial circumstances allowed. Now, though, she was determined to try again.

  • Green habits at work can improve your health and well-being, the planet and your bottom line. Hear are four ways you and your coworkers can green your routine at work every day.

    Boost Your Workplace Wellness with these 4 Green Habits Today | The MetLife Blog

    Green habits at work can make a bigger impact than you might think. Adopting more efficient and sustainable practices can actually increase your productivity, improve your health, reduce costs around the office and, of course - help protect the environment. Here are four ways you and your coworkers can green your routine at work every day.

  • Elizabeth Nieto and Dr. Cindy Pace from our Global Diversity and Inclusion team joined MetLife Australia CEO Deanne Stewart today to discuss how diversity and inclusion drives innovation. Both Elizabeth and Cindy will be attending the 2018 Global Summit of Women.

  • Leave cultural stereotypes behind! Millennial employees are more committed to long-term financial security than you may think—and your benefits can help them get there. #millennials

    Do You Really Know What Millennial Employees Are Looking For? | The MetLife Blog

    Millennials tend to be lumped together as one specific age group, often plagued by cultural stereotypes and stigmas. They're actually a generation that spans 18 years (those born from 1982-2000), and now the largest demographic in the U.S. workforce, surpassing Baby Boomers in 2015.

  • What makes your company a place people want to work and thrive? Our Global Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer Elizabeth Nieto, discusses the fundamentals of a supportive work environment.

    Elizabeth Nieto Thinks Inclusion is Every Employee's Job | The MetLife Blog

    "When I walk into a place, people may just think of me as a woman, as a Latina, as someone of 'X' age, (notice I said 'X' age!)," laughs Elizabeth Nieto, Global Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at MetLife.

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