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Analytics Interview Questions

"When you apply for a job in the field of analytics, you can expect to be asked technical questions and given math problems that will test your knowledge of statistical math and data management and analysis. The interviewer may test your critical thinking and decision making skills by having you solve word problems on the spot, as you will be expected to know how to gather insights into and draw conclusions from the data you collect on the job. Analytics is a broad field, and the technical questions you are asked will depend on the position you are applying for."

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How would I validate the data for integrity of results?

1 Answer

Create quick pivot and then connect to the totals for different reports, using simple logical function in Excel.

Write a SQL query to compute a frequency table of a certain attribute involving two joins. What if you want to GROUP or ORDER BY some attribute? What changes would you need to make? How would you account for NULLs?

26 Answers

There are two mobile restroom stalls at a construction site where I work. There are also three situations that have an equal chance of occurrence: a. none of them is occupied b. only one of them is occupied c. both are occupied 1. If I were to pick one at random, what is the probability that it is occupied? 2. If it turns out that that first one I go to is occupied and I decide to try the other one, what is the probability that the second one is also occupied?

12 Answers

Lets say the population on Facebook clicks ads with a click-through-rate of P. We select a sample of size N and examine the sample's conversion rate, denoted by hat{P}, what is the minimum sample size N such that Probability( ABS(hat{P} - P) < DELTA ) = 95%. In other words (this is my translation), find the minimum sample size N such that our sample estimate hat{P} is within DELTA of the true click through rate P, with 95% confidence.

6 Answers

Given two binary strings, write a function that adds them. You are not allowed to use any built in string to int conversions or parsing tools. E.g. Given "100" and "111" you should return "1011". What is the time and space complexity of your algorithm?

7 Answers

We have a table called ad_accounts(account_id, date, status). Status can be active/closed/fraud. A) what percent of active accounts are fraud? B) How many accounts became fraud today for the first time? C) What would be the financial impact of letting fraud accounts become active (how would you approach this question)?

6 Answers

what is logistic regression? How to perform variable selection

4 Answers

Imagine a cube 1x1x1, then imagine that you form a cube of 10x10x10 with all these little cubes of 1x1x1. How many cubes do you have to remove to get rid of the surface of cubes.

6 Answers

Mini Case: eBay is getting complaints from customers that the site doesn't have enough product selection. To increase product selection eBay runs a promotion and decides to waiver the listing fees for all sellers. eBay's earns revenue from the listing fees and as a % of sales transaction and the bulk of revenue comes as a commission over sales transactions. The promotion instead of increasing the revenue results in a drop in revenue for eBay. Explain

4 Answers

If you had 2 6-sided dice, what's the probability you get a 7?

2 Answers
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