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Pretty much in line with what other people have been asked.

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thanks or sharing your valuable experience. Could you share some more insight into the type fof questions asked in Phone and Onsite, if not an exact question then something in generic? It helps other ppl as well.

Most of the SQL questions aren't too challenging, but a few require you to think a little outside the box. Most of the questions require you to do everything in one pass. Always think of how to optimize your querying. Most of the programming related questions are related to lists. The solutions don't necessarily need to be the most optimized solutions in the phone call, but they need to run. You need to explain your thinking/rationale clearly. The onsite is 3 case studies and 1 lunch. The case studies are really challenging, and require a lot of on the spot thinking and flexibility. The lunch is an important opportunity to show your passion for your work, your excitement for Facebook, and your ability to fit in well with the culture.

gr8 you explained it very well. thx!!! onsite case studies are more oriented towards dimensional modeling/DW/SQL or coding centric?

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Design patterns questions

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given a list of tuples of movie watched times, find how many unique minutes of the movie did the viewer watch e.g. [(0,15),(10,25)]. The viewer watched 25 minutes of the movie.

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SQL questions - A table schema with tables like employee, department, employee_to_projects, projects 1) Select employee from departments where max salary of the department is 40k 2) Select employee assigned to projects 3) Select employee which have the max salary in a given department 4) Select employee with second highest salary 5) Table has two data entries every day for # of apples and oranges sold. write a query to get the difference between the apples and oranges sold on a given day

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1. What difference have you made in current team apart from regular work ? 2. What are the steps you follow to rebuild a table in database ? 3. How did you do performance tuning ? 4. How do you find the skewness of data in table ? 5. Difference between RDBMS and Dimensional Modeling SQL 1) purchase customer_id product_id quantity purchase_date 1 111 1 01/01/2017 1 111 2 01/02/2107 1 222 2 01/02/2017 2 111 3 01/04/2017 2 222 1 01/03/2017 3 222 1 01/05/2017 3 222 1 01/06/2017 3 111 1 01/06/2017 3 111 1 01/04/2017 Q: How many customers bought each product how many times during the week? Product_Id Number_of Customers Number_of_Times 111 2 2 111 1 1 222 2 1 222 1 2 2) daily_usage account_id usage_amount usage_date 1 10 1 1 20 2 1 15 3 1 30 4 Q. a) How do you print the usage_amount of previous/consecutive rows b) Without using window functions

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Given a multi-step product feature, write SQL to see how well this feature is doing (loading times, step completion %). Then use Python to constantly update average step time as new values stream in, given that there are too many to store in memory.

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SQL: 1. Percentage increase in revenue compared to promoted and non-promoted products. 2. Products classes that has the highest transactions 3. Count of Customers who bought 2 items type (A,B) 4. Don't remember Python: 1. Average length of letters to words. 2. Parse an ip address (This is a favourite FB question) 3. [[A],[A,B],[A,C],[B,D],[C,A]] -- Find the alphabet with highest neighbors? -- (Wasnt able to solve because of time limit but the interviewer was like I get what I want to convey.. I gave her an algo of what I would I have done)

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Python Questions - 1) Print Max element of a given list 2) Print median of a given list 3) Print the first nonrecurring element in a list 4) Print the most recurring element in a list 5) Greatest common Factor

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SQL : Top 3 Products by sale, % using Case, Basic Having clause and one Set operator (Intersect) type question Python : Average word length, ip-address parsing, dictionary, list of lists, flatten list of lists. ( Similar to previous interview experiences)

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Real time business problems and solutions

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