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How would you design a recommendation system (like amazon)?

2 Answers

Use collaborate filtering to compare personal preference with others. If A and B are similar, we can recommend preferred items in B to A.

Why downvote on other answer? He/she is right. Collaborative filtering is the most common strategy for recommendation systems. You see user A buys these things and user B also bought those things but user B bought this other thing too so let's show that thing to User A.

Design patterns questions

10 Answers

given a list of tuples of movie watched times, find how many unique minutes of the movie did the viewer watch e.g. [(0,15),(10,25)]. The viewer watched 25 minutes of the movie.

15 Answers

How much experience do you have with Ruby on Rails?

1 Answer

Describe how to mitigate transition pains of moving from a JS/UI framework.

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Most questions were fairly easy or theoretical.

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Find the starting node of loop in the singly link list. A-B-C-D-E-C... So c is the starting node

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Add up a sum of numbers on a whiteboard and give me the average.

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Typical data engineering questions

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How do you educate yourself?

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