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What makes you a good researcher?

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Answered by saying I enjoy learning how things work and diving down to the nitty-gritty details. And also, that I highly enjoy learning and experimenting with new technologies.

You are given two ropes and a lighter. This is the only equipment you can use. You are told that each of the two ropes has the following property: if you light one end of the rope, it will take exactly one hour to burn all the way to the other end. But it doesn't have to burn at a uniform rate. In other words, half the rope may burn in the first five minutes, and then the other half would take 55 minutes. The rate at which the two ropes burn is not necessarily the same, so the second rope will also take an hour to burn from one end to the other, but may do it at some varying rate, which is not necessarily the same as the one for the first rope. Now you are asked to measure a period of 45 minutes. How will you do it?

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No difficult question asked

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On the CMM scale of 1 to 5 what is the level you prefer to work at?

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How would you find a needle in a haystack (or for example a specific 20 byte string in files that are recursively archived/zipped to three levels) and let's say you can't find how to do this by researching the net?

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What kind of work have you done during your time in school.

The take-home question itself was an interesting machine learning question, perhaps not too difficult (I had not looked at this material for a long time so I had to look up different methods to figure out which one was being referenced). I thought it was posed in an interesting way and some thought had gone into not revealing too much.

given a patent, how can you find out of the claims are infringed or not from the source code?

What is polymorphism, encapsulation, inheritance?

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