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Why does one use MSE as a measure of quality. What is the scientific/mathematical reason for the same?

3 Answers

Mean-Square error is an error metric for measuring image or video quality it is popular video and image quality metric because the analysis and mathematics is easier with this L2-Norm metric. Most video and image quality experts will agree that MSE is not a very good measure of perceptual video and image quality.

The mathematical reasoning behind the MSE is as follows: For any real applications, noise in the readings or the labels is inevitable. We generally assume this noise follows Gaussian distribution and this holds perfectly well for most of the real applications. Considering 'e' follows gaussian distribution in y=f(x) + e and calculating the MLE, we get MSE which is also L2 distance. Note: Assuming some other noise distribution may lead to other MLE estimate which will not be MSE.

MSE is used for understanding the weight of the errors in any model. This helps us understand model accuracy in a way that is helpful when choosing different types of models. Check out more answers on

How do you think you would respond if, initially, you worked hard on a task and yet your superiors repeatedly asked you to redo and rewrite, would you be frustrated by this?

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"What is the size of an integer on a 32-bit system?"

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How would you code up a custom rectangle detector?

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Given a 2D grid consisting of links and vacancies represented by a 2D array and assume you can move from either down (j,k)->(j+1,k) or to the right (j,k)->(j,k+1) unless there is a vacancy

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If ever did anything to harm U.S or not?

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(1) Back-propagation; (2) overfit vs underfit; (3) implementation of one of the steps in Canny edge detection using graphs; (4) closed form formula to solution of linear regression; (5) write code for K nearest neighbor algorithm (6) vanishing gradient vs exploding gradients due to choice to relu() vs sigmoid()

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If your are a terrorist or not?

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The real zinger came at the end when they demanded previous compensation information. They said they wouldn't make an offer without it. Not only did they demand it, they demanded previous paycheck stubs as proof of it. I refused of course, and didn't call them back.

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If you have two ropes that both take an hour to burn, how do you measure 45 minutes?

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