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Describe a time you succesfully built a partnership and involved your team members in the process.

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Describe your experience in business process and technical requirements development, process mapping, data analytics and bringing a business case into the real world in an organization?

Weren't any hard questions, it was mostly about experiences

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Would I be making a mistake if I offered you the job?

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The only question I wasn't really anticipating was about GE culture / company core beliefs.

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Standard marketing related questions. What are some of the ways you recruit and onboard customers into your marketing programs? Why do you want to work at Rocket Fuel?

Was asked for a past experience when I had to get group consesus on an unpopular decision.

Not many questions about the job. The questions were mostly to see whether I would fit into the group.

Was asked to name one trait my spouse/sig other/close friend would say is my greatest weakness, or something I need to work on. Asked a series of behavioral type questions from HR rep that reflected a lack of understanding of my past experiences and successes. Interview with would-be peers was awkward to say the least. They seemed unaware of the hiring manager's (their boss) desire to infuse leadership into the organization and hit me with many technical questions that were not relevant. Appreciated GE's willingness to offer feedback on my interview after informing me I wasn't selected for position. However, upon hearing the feedback I couldn't have disagreed with the feedback more...

past experience

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