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How many cars are there in the United States?

5 Answers

I estimated how many people there were likely to have a car and went through my assumptions and calculations.

Hey, first off how long did it take for you to get an interview? I applied to a position somewhat in the same division and was just wondering.

Depends if you count the ones that are for sale

They gave me a case study on a Friday evening to complete for my interview, which was the next Monday. I thought this was inconsiderate of my weekend time.

3 Answers

tell me about your experience and what you currently do.

1 Answer

Non disclosure prevents me from sharing, but they ask you a ton of forecasting, supply chain, leadership and team management questions. Start with new product forecasting question, then when you answer, they'll dig deeper, or ask you another aspect.

1 Answer

They asked me a lot about my past experience and skill set with specific examples.

1 Answer

How do you think your experience fits in How would you rate your Excel Skills What are your strengths

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If the production crew was running 1 to 2 weeks behind, how would you go about scheduling their work load (i.e. would you handle back orders first, items that have the highest revenue earning potential, etc)

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Apple watch can only work paired with iphone, how would I estimate how many units will be sold?

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Assuming we know we will sell 1M units in the first month, and there's no issue with production and it can be produced momentarily, how many units will I produce? How would I take inventory into account?

1 Answer

Please describe a difficult situation you had in performing your job.

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