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RedMane Technology
Entry Level Java Developer was asked...March 25, 2015

Technical Questions: 1. Three pillars of OOP with explanation of each 2. Final Keyword in Java 3. Abstract Class & Interface difference 4. JSP & Servlets difference 5. What is meant by immutability in Java? 6. Multi-threading - Sleep vs Yield? 7. What is a design pattern and name some. Explain Singleton Design Pattern? 8. protected keyword in access modifiers 9. Continue vs break statement 10. Describe MVC? 11. StringBuffer vs StringBuilder? 12. One logic/algo question: Inserting an element at proper position in a sorted array. They will focus on the very basic logic design like loops, function and their arguments.

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You said that every one who is interviewed by CEO gets offer then how come you haven't received offer?!! Less

I got the offer.

Algo Approach: Use Binary Search to find the location where the element is to be inserted and store in a variable index. Call a function insert(a,index,newVal) where a is the sorted array. Run a for loop until index and copy elements into a new array. newArray[index] = newVal and continue copying elements from the given array into the new Array. Less


Programming experience?

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It looks great if you've had interesting projects outside of course work. If not, make sure you can speak clearly about your larger school projects, including choice of technology (pros and cons), development cycle, problems encountered and how you significantly contributed to the projects success. Less

Hub City Media

Basic Java questions

1 Answers

Simply taking a typical Java quiz online will prepare for it, be sure to be technical. Less


What is the difference between quick sort and bubble sort?

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I started from their time complexities and memory and then to efficiency. Described each factor and difference. Less


What are design patterns and can you give a few example of design patterns in JAVA?

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I don't know.......

Prodinf Software

Java Frameworks, tools, design pattern

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I answered based on my knowledge and experience.

Jean Martin

What's different between abstract and interface?

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1. extends abstract for only ONCE implement intefaces as many as you want 2. abstrace: what the object is interface: what the object can do Less

Skillnet Solutions

Prime number question to find between 1 to 50

1 Answers

Password check program


Any experience with peer programming?

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other than some class assignments, no.


What is a pointer? What is a stack and how would you use one? How would you tell if two strings are permutations?

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"AAB" "ABA" ans1: sort each string and compare ans2: store each character from the first string in a hashmap that takes the letter as a key and its frequency as the value. iterate through the second string and subtract one from the value of the corresponding letter. if the hashmap values are all zero than it is a permutation. Less

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