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Entry Level Java Developer Interview Questions


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Basic Java questions

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Simply taking a typical Java quiz online will prepare for it, be sure to be technical.

As long as you follow STAR and understand the concepts, you will make it far. The problem solving question was the most difficult, primarily because it was over the phone. It was a 3 part question and I didn't get the entire problem correct, but I had the correct approach.

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Technical Questions: 1. Three pillars of OOP with explanation of each 2. Final Keyword in Java 3. Abstract Class & Interface difference 4. JSP & Servlets difference 5. What is meant by immutability in Java? 6. Multi-threading - Sleep vs Yield? 7. What is a design pattern and name some. Explain Singleton Design Pattern? 8. protected keyword in access modifiers 9. Continue vs break statement 10. Describe MVC? 11. StringBuffer vs StringBuilder? 12. One logic/algo question: Inserting an element at proper position in a sorted array. They will focus on the very basic logic design like loops, function and their arguments.

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Could you provide an example of inheritance?

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1 hour technical interview with basic Java and OOP questions and 1 hour behavioral interview

Explain a situation were you used team work to solve a problem and what was the result?

Create an algorithm that takes in a string and returns 'true' if there are no repeating characters in the string, and false if there are repeating characters.

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Why is Java considered more secure for online transactions?

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