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count the number of duplicates in a binary tree in O(n) time O(1) space.

4 Answers

In order traversal passing down the parent key value to the right child and the previously passed value to the left child, checking for duplicates and adding one to the returned value as you go along.

there is no such info left-right-parent comparision info in a *BT*. I think you are talking about *BST*...

yes you are correct, I meant a BST

abstract Class vs Interface

2 Answers

They asked me to show how I could loop over the words in a sentence backwards.

2 Answers

what is the purpose of a try catch statement?

1 Answer

Tell me how to manage the memory in C?

1 Answer

if you are hired, what will you do on your first day at work?

3 Answers

Why does .NET not support multiple inheritance?

1 Answer

Describe the basic OO principles.

1 Answer

e.g. write the code to sort an array (actual question was different but of similar type)

1 Answer

Without changing the current code or adding anything before it, finish this program so that it prints the numbers 100 to 0. for( x=0;

1 Answer
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