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Tell me about a decision you made that was wrong, what did you do to fix it?

1 Answer

Pick something small but avoid technical errors like "I forgot how to calculate torque but then I looked it up and remembered"

What are the differences between an interface and abstract class in Java. (I specifically mentioned that it was my strongest language.)

4 Answers

What was your strategy when you were adjusting to the college environment?

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Would you be comfortable taking a couple quizes?

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Write a code that takes an input number and outputs the sum of all the EVEN numbers from that number down to zero. Write a function that, given a number as input, returns the factorial of that number.

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As long as you follow STAR and understand the concepts, you will make it far. The problem solving question was the most difficult, primarily because it was over the phone. It was a 3 part question and I didn't get the entire problem correct, but I had the correct approach.

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There were no difficult questions

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If you enter integer 10 or 20 output ping. If you enter 5 or 15 enter pong. If you enter 25 output Ping Pong.

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