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When you had an interpersonal conflict with someone, how did you handle it.

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I explained how, on the first day I did change of command inventories, my first sergeant said he would work hard when I took command, but he was retiring in 6 months and to keep that in mind. I explained to the interviewers how I incorporated him into my command team by having lunch with him frequently where our soldiers ate in the chow hall and soliciting his feedback for my command vision and intent. I used the question to highlight that he ended up working really hard, remained an important part of the command team, that I respected and facilitated everything he needed to do to retire, and that he made me so successful I got to stay in command for 2 years, when half my branch did not get command and those that did only stayed in for one. My story was a true story, but I could have chosen many others. However, I find its best to choose a story that highlights your competency and teamwork for interview purposes.

What is more important: Efficiency or Creativity? Find the most efficient way to use a balance to find the heavier ball amongst the 9 balls where the other 8 balls are of equal weight.

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Questions about database queries and depth of knowledge and technologies in JAVA. They wanted experience with Spring and Hibernate and agile.

Engage them to talk try questioning her back if you get chance. Then you might get a call later. They never called me back.

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