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Why don't you contact people back when you have directly reached out to them?

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No unusual or difficult questions Pretty standard technical questions.

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Entire setup and configuration process for a web application on cloud and all security measures to protect it. Use of tools like Burpsuite, Qualys, Splunk. Knowledge and understanding of cloud environment.

If you're going to compress and encrypt a file, which do you do first and why?

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Nothing stands out. Mostly they were experiential questions like "Have you worked with this product or that product?"

What kind of security frameworks have you had to adhere to in the past.

What is our mission statement? How would you handle a non-solvable conflict? If left alone in office with access to a computer, how would you exploit it? What is Change Management? Describe HTTPs and how it is used? What is the difference between HTTPS and SSL? Tell us about yourself? How do you handle conflicts? What is your opinion on the various past viruses and why? How do you harden a system? How to you elevate permissions?

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