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Describe a time where you had to lead a project, the project fail, and how did you overcome?

Tell me about cross site request forgery and why should I care.

Entire setup and configuration process for a web application on cloud and all security measures to protect it. Use of tools like Burpsuite, Qualys, Splunk. Knowledge and understanding of cloud environment.

In my opinion, there were not any very difficult or unexpected questions. Most were very typical. Perhaps since I was a college grad, there were not a lot of work-related scenario questions. The most difficult were probably 'describe how you would overcome some of your professional weaknesses,' 'please describe your thought process when faced with a unknown problem,' or 'how do you react under pressure?'

Typical tech questions, but there was a focus more on my background, my community involvement; essentially who I was and how I could fit within COMPASS.

They asked very technical questions that I didn't think they would and you really had to prove to them that you knew what you were applying for.

How are you working in a team environment?

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What was one time where you went above and beyond what was asked of you?

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