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What would you do if you see two guests fighting on the floor.

2 Answers

Call for backup/police. Break up the fight and deescalate the situation using effective communication skills.

Ask them to leave the premises if not then either call the law enforcement actions or escort them out of property with a backup.

That is a SQL buffer Overflow

1 Answer

What is the best procedure to take if you see someone suspicious lurking in the vicinity.

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The most difficult question I was asked concerned my availability to work odd shifts on short notice.

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What are the three biggest factors to a successful Information Security plan?

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What sort of anomalies would you look for to identify a compromised system?

1 Answer

I was asked about XSS, SQL Injection, Tools I have used for pen testing.

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Describe the differences between symmetric and asymmetric encryption, and scenarios where one is more appropriate then the other.

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What is security?

12 Answers

Why do you want to work here

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