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Security Engineer Interview Questions

"When hiring a security engineer, employers want to make sure they select candidates who have the technical knowledge of information security software and hardware to ensure their data will be kept safe in the event of a disaster, whether it be an earthquake or a hacker attack. Before attending an interview for this position, prepare to answer a lot of technical questions that will determine the extent of your understanding of information security systems and how they can be used to protect important data."

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Describe the differences between symmetric and asymmetric encryption, and scenarios where one is more appropriate then the other.

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Not that difficult if you understand symmetric (private key) vs. asymmetric encryption (public key).

What sort of anomalies would you look for to identify a compromised system?

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I was asked about XSS, SQL Injection, Tools I have used for pen testing.

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During the technical interview, the second interview asked, "How would you configure trace route in a cisco firewall for a group of windows users?" I repeated the question to make sure I heard it correctly, and he responded with, "Windows fundamentally handles trace route differently than Unix does."

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Write a function that can determine if an input number is a power of 2.

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How many bits do you need for a subnet size.

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Can two files generate same checksum?

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what is volatile, static ? how would it affect if the static keyword used for big array inside a function? what are sections of memory and what kind of variable is stored where?

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Encryption modes, CTR, ECB, CBC.., How HMAC works, why HMAC is designed in that way

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They are so rigid in their interview process that I beleive they overlook talent and are focused on people passing Dr. Mercer's tests

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