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Do you know Sturts and how is it different than JSF?

1 Answer

They are both very similar but JSF comes with a component library and newer in terms of web technology.

To bring all 0s in an interger array to the beginning of the array eg input: [1,0,2,5,0,6] output : [0,0,1,2,5,6]

1 Answer

Asked about all technologies like why Hibernate, Why EJB? Most of them are design questions.

1 Answer

In the last round , core java questions which is weird?

1 Answer

What is the difference between errors and exceptions? What is the difference between HashMap and HashTable?

1 Answer

Java, j2ee, Spring & PCI/PII

1 Answer

Tell me a Time when you had to resolve a Technical Problem, and how you resolved it?

Written test questions: static keyword, synchronization, Junit implementation, Singleton implementation, Multithreading questions, Comparator-comparable, List implementations, clent-server communication using JSP- servlets., struts workflow, MVC archetecture

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