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Java Software Engineer Interview Questions

"Java software engineers design, build, and maintain systems that support and run java applications. Employers are looking for candidates who display strong organizational and communication skills as well as advanced technical skill within the java universe. During an interview, expect to answer a lot engineering questions as well as discuss past projects you have worked on."

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1.Java Basics. 2.Plethora of Multithreading questions.GC 3.Simple data structure. (BFS) variation 4.Database Basics

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I fumbled in 1 questions which was the nail in the coffin.

Write a method to determine if a string starts with an uppercase letter.

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Lots of questions about arrays, lists and hashmaps

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Given two files that has list of words (one per line), write a program to show the intersection.

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Q: complex topical question about solving a problem with a data structure and algorithm to transverse it effeciently

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Implement a recursive Java function that calculates a number "n" to the "mth" power.

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How to implement a hashMap from scratch?

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draw a network topology scheme for fault tolerance for 5,10,20 DB so that each db get synced with other db

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you have an array and some 0 in that array. memory is so low that you can not create another array. how do you remove 0 from the array? how do you optimize it.

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What is AOP?

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