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could you tell me the names of the submarines you had duty on?

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when you run my background check and or hire me, i will reveal that information, but that is secret information.

The question was either asked to see if you were actually a vet or bc the interviewer was fascinated. Not at all uncommon.

tell me what design programs you use?

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How would you solve a pump cavitation issue?

There were no questions asked about my professional history, no technical questions, or any interest in my background. They didn't even care to ask what I was currently doing or why I was leaving my job. The entire interview was centered around the work going on there and why I should work there. It seemed very much like they just needed engineering bodies to work on random projects.

Describe what I had done in my previous jobs.

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Engineer walks in with 5-10 mini mechanical gun components asking me questions about it. How to draw pistol parts. What manufacture process to use this part. How to interpret drawing pistol parts.

Typical production questions - How do you handle conflict resolution, Then they want you to tell them how to fix their problem with lighting and ignition circuit failures, with no data, no specifications, no test data. - Production should stick to assembly related problems and not try to design the product. They are currently using Solid Works and Pro E software - "That's just the way things happened". Just a little FYI some companies have 4 to 5 different CAD packages. It come down to can they communicate with each other. They have no analysis software which speeds up product development by 30 to 40%. Projects typically take 12 to 18 months. The lab is a basic combustion lab, A gas line, regulator, hose, QD connector with a wet or dry volume meter and a combustion analyzer. This is typically what is found in 90% of labs across the country. You can't expect much, a fireplace or a stove is little more than a box with a burner in it. They are mostly for decoration and range from zero to 100% efficient but the heat is not regulated, turn on or off. The model shop is up to date and separate from the manufacturing operations. They want a 20% improvement in the product they are producing over their competitors. This made no sense since they are converting all product to the same as the AUTO manufactures (what metrics would you use?). One frame and several front grills and rear body styles. The factory looks just like an auto factory, conveyors going in several directions. Wet and dry paint lines, JIT (Just In Time) manufacturing. Suppliers making deliveries twice a day. They have project management problems - "Some use a spreadsheet and some use MS Project". Then they wonder why their having problems - No Consistency. Eng. Mngr. was pulled away from the interview over a dozen times during the process. Looks like you could have a stress heart attack by the time you're 40. Their spending most of their time putting out fires. Floor guided electric robots to deliver part to the assembly lines, but if one part is missing for an assembly the line stops - a little too much JIT thinking.

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What web site do I use?

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A false pharmaceutical synthesis process was described involving hemoglobin and iron. The question asked to track what % of iron was lost throughout the process, which involved filtration, washing, etc. The entire question was a simple mass balance that required the test taker to sort out only the necessary information and use a bit of linearization and extrapolation.

What would it take for me to stay?

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