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Explain a situation where you had to navigate a difficult political landscape.

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I explained some issues on my current project.

I described my situation when I first entered my last job. The established members of my team weren't very receptive to new authority but I was able to show them the respect and support that they needed in order to gain their trust and make a great work environment.

Stick to the FACTS.

What happens if a tool is defected 10% of the time. You want to take it off the line, but the technician doesn't want to take it off the line. What do you do?

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Behavioral questions: 1. What's your greatest weakness? 2. When you have a disagreement with your supervisor/adviser, how do you react? 3. Have you had any hands-on experiences of trouble shooting a machine/tool? What did you do? 4. What can you contribute to Intel? Technical questions: 1. Describe a situation where you have had to overcome a problem or obstacle in order to move forward with something. What did you do? 2. Tell me about a problem that you've solved in a unique or innovative way. What was the outcome? Were you happy or satisfied with it? 3. What is your biggest challenge during your research, and how did you overcome this challenge? 4. How does a SEM work? Show me a diagram. 5. Draw me a CVD diagram and explain how the system works. 6. If a CVD system has a much higher pressure than the set point, how will you trouble shoot the problem? 7. If you receive a data set showing a film uniformity, how will you check the machine?

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can you decrease one liquid temprature fromm 100oC to 20 oC but room temprature is 25 oC

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years

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You are in charge of building a pipeline 200 miles from the ocean to a refinery and there is a mountain range in the way. What issues are involved in this project?

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If an ice cube melts in water, does the water level rise or fall? Explain with details.

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Do you like a manager who 'micromanages' or do you like a manager who leaves you a bit loose and does not follow what you are doing on an hourly basis ?

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Cp, Cpk, gauge r&r, DOE, and in details about one of your projects.

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A batch of wafers are getting cleaned in acid, aqueous and drying environments and a technician calls you in the middle of the night reporting that the wafers are having an unusual number of defects. How do solve the problem and what advice do you give the technician?

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