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write a recursive function that solves the equation X[n] = X[n-1] + X[n-2] where X is an array that contains at least two integer values and the function should solve the question for the 3rd value in the array

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I'm guessing a key element they want to see in your answer is that you realize there's a lot of recalculating the same values over and over in the recursion process, especially for large values of n. For example, x[5] = x[4] + x[3] x[4] = x[3] + x[2] x[3] = x[2] + x[1] x[2] = x[1] + x[0] x[1], x[0] are known x[1] is known x[2] = x[1] + x[0] x[1], x[0] are known x[3] = x[2] + x[1] x[2] = x[1] + x[0] x[1], x[0] are known x[1] is known If you cache a couple of values in the recursive function, you can improve performance significantly. You might also get some points for recognizing this can be used to generate the Fibonacci sequence.

yes its a fibonacci series problem solved using recursion and memoization, classic example of dynamic programming. without caching runtime is exponential.

Another question involved writing a 3 story elevator controller (needed to track button/request states and do synchronized operation).

What was the most frustrating library you've ever used in Android Development?

Design a client-server system for gathering mobile application metrics.

Lots of Java/Android multithreading and out of memory questions. Tech questions included writing a java function to get the max possible sum of any contiguous subset of an array of integers and then optimizing it as much as possible

I guess these guys are looking for cheap candidates probably college grad , they could have spared me the hardship of sample app . Don't go for it unless you are trying to go to mobile market , total time waste.

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Technical questions, I enjoyed talking to every single interviewer from premise data.

Don't remember any out of the ordinary or extra hard question. Stuff senior android dev must have a good command over. No "how many golf balls can you fit in a Boeing 747" questions though, which was nice

How would you spec out and implement a front-end ad network API to present ads to the user on Android?

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