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Design and implement a to do list app User stories As a user, I can view items of todo As a user, I can add a todo item by clicking add button then input the todo task As a user, I can check the item in list to mark it as done As a user, I can remove an item in the list Requirement Use whatever tools you feel comfortable with Feel free to google around if you run into any problem Feel free to ask me if you have any question Good architecture design - the app ideally should be designed and implement in good architecture for future changes Covered with testing - the app ideally should be covered by tests

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How do you deal with sensitive financial data of a user on your device?

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They asked me questions about code, and xcode, and what would I do to a particular code they showed me.

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Do you develop with Xamarin Forms?

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Questions were not too difficult if you know the basics and how the actual platform works. Being concise with your answers is key though.

What would you stack be if you were building {X} project from scratch.

I would not mention the exact questions. The questions were not very difficult. Just make sure that you revise basic data structures and algorithms before the interview.

Write code (does not have to be perfect) of a calculator, showing the models, views and controllers

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