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How many credit cards does Amex issue in a year in US?

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I knew it was an estimation problem, but I am not really good at doing fast math, so stumbled at a few places involving percentages. There is no exact answer, but the focus is in how you arrive at the answer.

Cong8ss!! Even I gave the interview last month with same questions but didn't hear back anything from them....Did they call you or send you note to update this??Please advise.Thanks

Thanks. I was contacted by the Sr.Director about 10 days after the interview and made the offer.

Describe how you would code a process to provide automatic fail-over recovery in case of a hung state.

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Explain TCP/IP?

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None in my case.

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Programming Assignment: Given two numbers, M and N, write a program to determine if M & N are amicable pairs. An amicable pair (m,n) consists of two integers m,n for which the sum of proper divisors (the divisors excluding the number itself) of one number equals the other. Amicable pairs are occasionally called friendly pairs (Hoffman 1998, p. 45), although this nomenclature is to be discouraged since the numbers more commonly known as friendly pairs are defined by a different, albeit related, criterion. Not, a number cannot be amicable with itself.

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I don't remember any of the tech questions they asked. I think there were a few database join questions.

public class Person { Person father; Person mother; Gender gender; Integer age; List children; int level = 0; public enum Gender { Male, Female; } } For the above class, you basically have to implement 2 methods. public List getOldestSisters() public List getGreatestAncestors()

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No real problematic technical questions asked ... just the very general Java questions ...

About languages not in the job description.

Write code to compute fibonacci numbers. Iteratively and recursively. Then discuss the pros and cons of each.

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