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Tell me about a previous project you have done, that would be related to our field? What were the results? What was the most challenging project you have led so far?

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Typical and fair interview question, come prepared. I had a portfolio / visuals for a couple projects I had done in the past, it helped for the discussion.

Resume Selected online and was called for on site. 45 minutes round onsite - Data Structures (Hash table all concepts) - JAVA concepts - Puzzle (2 eggs 100 floor building find threshold) - Basic hadoop Question. - Migrate a row from SQL to key value store 30 mins telephone round - Longest Palindrome - In-Pre-Post Order traversal with and without recursion

Design a web crawler. There were 2 parts of it: 1. Print a map listing all the web-links which can be reached from a particular page when you have a helper API returning the web-links on the page. 2. Implement that helper API

Design Facebook graph search with basic implementation. Create/ implement a chat server, searching a rotated sorted tree.

Q: the frog question everyone has Q: explain your soulution to frog question Q: why do you want to work for LiveRamp

Write code to compute fibonacci numbers. Iteratively and recursively. Then discuss the pros and cons of each.

SQL, how to delete a row?

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