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const obj1 = { name: 'taylor' runtime: 20 } and obj2 is also same Check is obj1 is equal to obj2 programatically

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use object.keys

For the technical questions they asked about my understanding of concepts.

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They asked a lot of behavioral questions. Trying to get to know me.

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On par with other companies, nothing out of the ordinary. Compare w/ Amazon process.

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What does the Virtual keyword used for in C++?

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Q: What was the last project you worked on in your spare time?

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[from the hiring process] Tech screen by Kenexa's ProveIT product. The tech screen was horrible. The questions for were basically pulled right from MSDN or were testing for typos. Some of the questions were about topics real developers DO NOT deal with. This wasn't Vaco's fault necessarily. According to them the client requested that candidates complete this assessment prior to submission.

What would you do in the first week, second week and third week after you are hired?

Virtual onsite Interview Round 1 question 1) What is singleton design pattern. 2) Have you used microservices before ? Please explain from you work experience. Coding question : I was given some boiler plate code. I was asked to design Object oriented design of twitter. Like 1) Posting tweets 2) Following users 3) Unfollowing users. 4) Generating timeline. These were the 4 methods they asked me to write code for. I have used Maps to do this. You do not need to use any databases or tables. You can use any inmemory data structures and get this done. Round -2 1) I was asked to construct a binary search tree from a given list of Integers. 2) I was asked how would i implement this for an List of objects and are needed to be sorted based on a field in an object.( This can be done with generics) 3) I was also asked to use compareTo() to achieve this. Third round 1) I was asked to write code to print a pascal triangle in console 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 3 3 1 1 4 6 4 1 1 5 10 10 5 1 etc Round 4: Situational and behavioral questions were asked.

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REST and web service testing and mockup multiple threads SOLID principles

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