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Implement a method to determine whether a string is a palindrome.

4 Answers

Recursive method; start from the ends and work your way in. Use indices if worried about memory.

Take a string as function parameter. Copy this str value into a new var, then use .reverse() thereupon. Compare the reversed copy back against original string using turnery operator to set resVariable to "true" : "false". Return resVariable.

(Using .split(""), as well as .join(""))

Write a function to print the first letter of every word in a string.

4 Answers

As a designer, did I think I would get bored with coding and troubleshooting?

1 Answer

What does the action and method attribute in the HTML <form> tag do.

1 Answer

1. You are given x amount of balls, all but two are red, all but two are green, all but two are blue. How many balls do you have? 2. Why are manhole covers circular? 3. There are x amount of balls in a bag, 8 are red, 4 are green, 4 are blue. You are blind folded. What is the least amount of balls you have to pull out of the bag to be 100% sure you have 1 of every color.

4 Answers

Do you need sponsorship for this position?

4 Answers

count the number of duplicates in a binary tree in O(n) time O(1) space.

5 Answers

If you were tasked with deploying a Java API on AWS how would you go about doing that? Why would you do it this way?

4 Answers

abstract Class vs Interface

2 Answers

Some questions about Java basics, and some math problems and SQL

3 Answers
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